Stupid radio Five Live website!

I want to listen to live radio coverage of Chelsea’s champion league semi final second leg tonight. It’s live on the BBC’s Radio Five Live, which I can only get on MW on the radios at home and reception is pretty crappy.

I’ve listened to Five Live via my PC before and the quality is much better, so I figure I’ll listen to it on the PC while reading the dope. Anyway, there I am, 19:30 listening to the pre game hype, wondering when the hell the’re going to kick off when they switch away to other news and stuff. Fine, I think, they’ll return to the game just before kick off. Then at about 20:00 there’s a message given out about how the live football commentary is not being broadcast because of legal reason!

WTF? Why didn’t they mention this earlier? Bastards. the game kicked off at 19:45 and by the time I got the ol’ steam radio tuned in the game was 20 minutes old and Chelsea had already scored!