Stupid reasons to dislike a show

So, Homeland finally premiered over here in Oz, and given the fair bit of attention and critical praise it has garnered, decided I should check it out.

I found it hard to get into though, and I can really only peg it down to one reason. And it really is a bit of a stupid reason, but…

I absolutely adored the Band of Brothers series, and even more so loved Damian Lewis’s role as Captain Winters. I haven’t spoiled Homeland for myself in terms of the full season, so I don’t know whether his character in Homeland (Brody) is actual a plant or not, but the pilot is certainly structured to make you think he is, and I think it bristles that ‘Captain Winters’ could be a bad guy.

And that’s it. a stupid reason to not get into a show, (which is supposed to be very well made) but that’s all I can put it down to. Talk about typecasting an actor in my own head. :smack:

Oh Well, I’ll try and give it another go.

I just recently finished the first season of the show, and while it’s not in the upper echelons of great television drama yet, both Damien Lewis and Claire Danes shine pretty brightly throughout.

I had a really hard time in the beginning for the same “stupid reason” as you, I’ve seen band of brothers seven times, so I have spent dozens of hours of my life seeing Cpt. Winters as, generally, the paragon of just all-around spectacular human beings… I’d suggest you keep going with the show and let the actor grow in your mind, because I like where he goes with this role.

Somebody on this board once said they never watched any show if it had a Scientologist in the cast. I asked how this was any different then saying you would never watch any show that had a Jew in the cast.

Hate to break it to you, but Lewis isn’t American either… :stuck_out_tongue:

Because false equivalency, that’s why.

I knew that one already :smiley:

Growing up as a kid, my odd uncle would babysit for us sometimes and he was a huge boxing fan. Back then, they had lots of boxing shows on TV and he would have it on non-stop. So, to this day I hate anything to do with boxing - including films that have that as a main theme.
I have not seen Raging Bull or Million Dollar Baby or many other films about boxing for that same reason.
I did watch the first Rocky film when it came out, but that was about the last time.
So, I guess it is sort of silly and stupid, but the minute I hear a film is based around a boxer or boxing, I am out of there.

The genre.

I know a number of people that missed Battlestar Galactica(the new one) because it is “a sci-fi show” and they don’t like shows that are “like Star Trek.”

Try to convince someone that a show can be in a genre, but appeal to a wider audience and some people just can’t believe it.

Laugh tracks. OK, that’s not really a stupid reason…

I’ve never been a “Sci-Fi” person, never seen Star Trek or or BSG. I’ve heard the name Joss Whedon/Whedonverse thrown around along with Buffy and Angel, but never seen any of it and was never really all that interested.
A few weeks ago I happened to notice that Firefly was only 14 episodes so I figured I’d give it a shot. I was pretty surprised to learn that for a ‘sci-fi’ show, it’s not all that sci-fi’. I’m glad I happened to read somewhere that it’s supposed to be a ‘space western’ since that’s really what it is.
I’m not saying I’m going to get into other sci-fi shows, but for people that really don’t want anything to do with these shows, you might suggest they try at least one episode of Firefly. It’s easy to watch, not full of complex plot lines and techno babble that they’re not going to understand, in fact, it’s about as easy to watch as an episode of The Simpsons or Psych. Also, there isn’t a ginourmous nerd culture built up around it like there is Star Trek and BSG.

FTR, I think I’ve got 4 episode left.

Oh, no, there’s quite a nerd culture around Firefly. How do you think the theatrical Serenity movie gained momentum? Google “Can’t stop the signal” and “Browncoat”. Not Trekkie level, but certainly BSG-level.

I knew there was a nerd culture built up around it, but I just figured that was based on Joss’ attachment to it and the fact that it was a sci-fi show. I wasn’t aware that it was as big as BSG. I don’t watch BSG (or Trek) and up until about two weeks ago didn’t know anything about Firefly. All I know is that I don’t hear about Firefly in pop culture/mainstream media* nearly as much as I do the other shows. For example, I can’t think of Firefly ever being referenced on Big Bang Theory (though I’m sure someone will prove me wrong now that I’ve said it).
Either way, I still like the show.

*I just saw Nathion Fillion on the Nerdist and he said that his mom once told him that he was a nerd…but he looked mainstream (or something along those lines).

Sorry. cite cite

You’re right.

Ninja’d…on the same two clips…
I suppose since I hadn’t ever watched the show or really ever heard much about it those jokes went right over my head. For example, knowing nothing about it the ‘it’ll be on for years’ joke wasn’t really a joke when I first heard it (though it got a smirk out of me now, especially since I know there’s a lot of people who want it back on).

What were we talking about again? Oh, right…Either way, from the layman’s perspective, it’s still hasn’t achieved the status as the other two shows. I expect a lot of people probably haven’t even heard of it. But I digress, I think we’ve gotten really sidetracked…
ETA…:smack: There was that whole Summer Glau episode also, but that was more of a Terminator thing so I’m not counting it.