Stupid things the Dope inspires you to do

Thanks to this thread, I went out and bought a frozen pizza, for the first time in probably five years.

It hit the spot.

Was it a Totino’s like I suggested?

Went with Amy’s. I can be a bit hippy like that sometimes.

I think I’ll go get another one for dinner.

Ask my supervisor for a cite in the middle of a staff meeting.

Stick my engagement ring in my nose (I don’t have a wedding ring). Even after all these years, I still remember thinking what an idiot I was to do that. It’s got a friggen stone on it!
It didn’t fit, by the way. Probably wouldn’t have fit even without the stone.

Yeah, I stuck my wedding ring in my nose, too.

It did fit.

Totino’s is some deliciously bad pizza. At $1 a pop, you can’t have high expectations. But it’s one of the first things my mom would let me cook on my own, and no matter how terrible it is, it still has a warm place in my heart. Also, it’s great with BaconSalt.

My boss was going to VooDoo Donut for snacks, I blurted out “When come back bring pie!” :smack:

I drank a gallon of milk in under an hour and didn’t hork it back up. [I am lactose intolerant, and spent some quality bathroom time for a number of hours though] because it was discussed on the dope. I did think about doing the saltine cracker thing but didnt.

I, too, stuck my wedding ring in my nose.

Moreover, I’ve done it several times since, whenever someone links the damn thread. This is two marriages worth of rings.

Both of them fit.

Who didn’t, reading that thread? Which made it extra hilarious - with my ring up my nose, I imagined all these other office workers with rings up their noses. Perhaps that was the intent.

Curse you all, for I am now trying to fit my ring into my nostril. Worse than that, I’m actually disappointed that it doesn’t fit :mad: :confused:

I know, right? Mostly I get the Publix premium ones with the thin crust, but sometimes you just want that nasty-ass Totinos. God, I could eat the hell out of one right this minute. With the square pepperoni!

ETA - and if I’d had a wedding ring I totally would have tried to stick it up my nose. I considered asking to borrow somebody else’s, but, well, you know.

I dug out my wedding ring for the first time in decades and stuck it up my nose. It fit.

Who began this alleged ring-up-nose thread and why? :confused: seems to be the culprit

If each of you would send in one dollar…

Mostly, I just go around saying “Hey… there’s a thread about that on The Dope” a lot, now… Just like my friends do… And their doing that constantly is the reason I am here in the first place.


Is that the el cheapo pizza at Wal*Mart? Cause, yeah, that shit is delicious.

A recent thread has almost got me to try a package of Peeps (I don’t think I’ve ever had them). Maybe next time I’m in Wal*Mart while the Easter stuff is still around…