Stupid things you did (thankfully) while you were home alone.

I just sneezed in my eye.
I was drinking spiced tea, felt a sneeze comming, put my hand up to catch the sneeze, and managed to herd the juicy contents of the sneeze upwards into my eye.
Cinnamon and cloves feel good on a sore throat, not so much on a perfectly healthy eyeball.

I keep hitting my shoulder really hard on the medicine cabinet door when I get off the toilet. This should have only happened once, maybe twice, before I learned but it’s been at least ten.

Well I was “kinda” alone.

I was in the shower (all kidlets were outside playing) when all of a sudden I heard the fire alarm go off. I jumpd out of the shower and looked around and saw nothing. So I grabbed the barstool from the kitchen and stood on it trying to reset the alarm. I was slipping and sliding all over the wooden chair. Then I fell when I stood up there stood my kidlets and a couple of their friends.

I was humiliated.

In the shower, reading the label on the shampoo bottle (it has a flip top). Closed the bottle and a glob of shampoo lands directly in my eye. Oh the humanity!

hillbilly queen’s got eye boogers.