Stupidity and Rainbows.

From my fair state of Iowa

We get homophobia and general stupidity.

I have this image of Mr Juhl with a shotgun, outside after a rainstorm…just waiting to curse the unsuspecting rainbow.

A shame that Mark Frideres and other members of the board caved in to this twerp.


That is pathetic.

They took the signs down after one complaint? Good cripes, what pathetic wussies those politicians are. For fuck’s sake, grow a backbone, guys!

“There was a rainbow distinctly present in the sky above City Hall today after the rain shower! I fervently object to this promotion of the homosexual lifestyle!”

While I agree that there is a certain “wussiness” to their actions, I’m not sure that the group could be considered “politicians”. From the story they seem to be some sort of board of volunteers (seperate from the city council) that runs the “CharACTer” program in Nevada.

It’s not without precedent.

If the hetero-world wants to completely cede rainbows to us, that’s fine by me. It certainly will make dealing with fundamentalist whackos easier. Just point them to Genesis 9:14-17:

Gay pride = God’s covenant.

And then their heads will explode.

Cue Kermit the Frog!

“Why are there so many songs about rainbows?..”

I don’t know why, but that song started running through my head when I saw this thread. I never thought about it in THAT way before. But hey, why not?

I’ll happily cede rainbows so I can watch fundie heads explode, Otto. But can we get them back, at least part time, after the carnage is over? :smiley:

Oddly enough, Madison Pride was today and there was this fundie (who was actually about the hottest guy at the parade even with his shirt on) who was dragging a rainbow flag along the ground and lamenting (in part) about how “sodomites” has co-opted the symbol of God’s covenant.

As I passed him I told him that the way he was standing (leaning against a pole with the back of one hand perched on his hip) made him look kinda gay. I just thought he’d want to know!

:smiley: So what did he say?

/Homer Simpson/: First you take all the good names like Lance and Bruce. And the word “queer.” That use to be our name for you.

And now it’s rainbows. Further proof of the homosexual agenda!

  • Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the ** lovers **, the dreamers and me. *

Well, what you do expect from a frog who’s making it with a pig?

Nothing. He just glared. With those smoldering, repressed eyes.

I was at NY Pride once and a Bible-belter actually waved his Bible at me (such disrespect to the Word!) and yelled, “Shame on you!”

I looked right at him and said, “Shame on you for wearing that tie with that shirt! UGH!”

He wasn’t amused, but everyone around me was. :smiley:


I listen to those “Character Counts” segments on my local news radio every afternoon on my way home from work.

Wonder if Mr. Michael Josefson (the president of CC) would make a comment about this bru-ha-ha.

How DID the rainbow get to be the symbol for gay pride, anyways?

History of the Rainbow Flag.

Mind if I put that on my quotes page?

Go right ahead, my sweet.


Y’know, I knew the major University of Hawaii athletics teams were never really outstanding, but there’s no need to get personal…

It’s like Scanners, but caused by a RoyGBiv chart.