Stupidity, thy name is Nader.

<Gadfly> If there’s one presidential candidate I want to throw hot coffee at, he’s Ralph ‘look at me, I draw votes away from Kerry’ Nader.
<Flutterby> stir-fry
<Whammo> this late?
<Judicator> Mmmmmmm stir-fry.
<Flutterby> yes
<slvrfire> Okay?
<Flutterby> you try cooking with a baby around OKAY?

  • oedipus offers Sarah his water
    <Gadfly> I can’t threaten people with death, because it’s illegal.
    <Gadfly> So I just hope that Mr. Nader gets to meet the youth in Asia sometime during his campaign.

So…you’re, like, drunk or something?

I thought of that response, but thought of the old pot/kettle argument. shrug

No … too few misspellings. I suspect paraquat poisoning is involved somehow.

I am not sure what this is. I don’t think that it belongs in the Pit, though. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t belong ANYWHERE on the SDMB.

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