Stupor Bowl XXXV


The coolest thing that happened during the game was when Kerry Collins threw his 2nd interception and I heard my downstairs neighbor yell “Fuck!” really loud.

I did dig the Bud Light commercial where the CEO gets a pencil rammed up his butt, though.

Highlight was the half-time show. At least the performers got their act together, unlike the Giants. And Lord knows it isn’t because the Ravens played exceptionally well. Curious to know what they would have done against a team like the Packers in the 60s or the Steelers in the 70s; can someone say “be crushed”?

Speaking of the F word, I liked how the mics picked up a few players saying stuff like “Let’s fuckin rock!” or “Turn this motherfucker out!” when they were introducing the starters.

Real fuckin’ classy, bozos.

I won two squares at work and another at the club I went to.

Paid: 50USD
Won: 350USD

I am a happy man. ::sigh:: GUESS WHO’S COMING TO AUSTINDOPE!!! :slight_smile:

some of us lived the american dream… watched the big game, drank micro brewed beer, and got ummmmm n/m… (and in answer to your next question… yes I do have the coolest wife on the planet, and no you can’t have her)

I was personally let down by the commercials… the pepsi commercial with Kasperov and the MachineMenace was cool (pepsican shoots him down the elevator shaft after he calls all machines inherently stupid), and the etrade-bank commercial with the matrix ripoff wasn’t too bad… other than that, the commercials definately were not superbowl quality.

you are talking about HUGE men that are paid to beat the living sh*t out of each other… what do you expect, monacles and embroydered kerchiefs?

I don’t think it should have gone out over the airways either, but I place the blame on the network, not the players…

I laughed my ass off at the one with Ali Landry getting smacked in the forehead with a Dorito!

Etrade definitely had the best ads. I especially dug the “Planet of the Apes” spoof with the dead dotcoms and teh chimp. Of course, I dig anything having to do with “Planet of the Apes,” so maybe it wasn’t that good.

nod… and my wife didn’t get it… had to remind her of the older dorito3d adds at the laundry-matic… she still didn’t recall… must be a guy thing…

I must admit, although I didn’t make this prediction to anyone else, that I was really reall wrong about the outcome… (which I almost always am, I really should bet against myself)

I really thought the giants would win… (until I realized that I thought they would win, and then I realized that I’m always wrong)…

and my extremely flawed logic… “an expansion team can’t win the superbowl yet”… I somehow feel like a bigot of somekind…

I liked the “Running of the Squirrels” commercial. And the pencil one, and the “Hudson Riverdance” one, if only because my GF lives near Hudson.

when I saw the adds for the new version of the george forman grill I thought that mac had released a new imac type box with a colored flip up and a white body…

then I saw the hamburger bun and realized that it wasn’t a processor chip… my bad

bobo–The Ravens weren’t an expansion team…they were the former Cleveland Browns, so they’ve been around for a good long while, appearances to the contrary.

Oh, go sit on a sharp garden tool. We have the best defense of all time. Players today are in much better shape than before. “be crushed”?, Undoubtedly-they would be crushed. No question.

Hmph. Philistines.

I watched the Big Game, and was amazed by the outcome. Everybody was betting against the Black Bird, but it was an incredible upset when…

Daffy won!
Cartoon Network is the best channel on TV today.

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