Subnautica - thoughts while playing (spoilers while playing)

OK, so my son and I began a proper play of Subnautica today. Freedom mode is what I think it is called. No eating, no water drinking, no sleep or whatever. Just oxygen and the ability to be killed by animals and plants.

Anyway, I thought with all the advice and recommendations, you guys might want to hear my thoughts and observations as we go.

  1. I can not approach the Aurora(our ship) because of radiation. I presume that is a major goal.

  2. We have fabricated the following: flippers, scanner, one battery, the air bladder to resurface quickly. We made a knife as well. We badly want the repair tool so we can fix our pod, but can’t not find cave sulfur yet. The search for a proper cave is next.

  3. Our computer has warned us that the Aurora’s radiation is worsening and just before we quit today, we were warned it was going to blow up within 2 hours. My son said, “Uh, it’s going to kill us all.” My feeling is that if we hide in the pod, we can survive the blast, but if the radiation extends much more, we will be covered in it while in the pod.

We have heard some pretty loud sounds from creatures out there. My son thought it sounded pretty creepy.

I see a lot of things we can not take. Coral stuff and some other weeds and the like. I thought the knife might help, but it does not chip off things like we hoped.

That’s about it so far.

(1) Well, look around, but who knows what you might find. And the ship isn’t really that far away.
(2) See below.
(3) See point 1.

Hint: What you are looking for is actually available in small caves near the start.

More Hint: Hear a loud noise? Look around carefully.

Mega Hint: It used to be called Crashfish Powder.

Explanation: Find a Crashfish and escape before it asplodes in your face, then check the little flower is popped out from. There will be sulfur in there.

Explanation regarding Aurora:

Hint: Try venturing closer to the Aurora…

More Hint: Closer…

Mega Hint: It will explode and become dangerously radioactive once you get too close, but I believe additional scrap has now been deposited into the game world. Who knows what useful tidbits might be inside, though?

SUPER Hint: You need some way to protect yourself from radiation. What material help with that?

DUPER Hint: You will be able augment a diving suit with lead to create a radiation-resistant suit. All needed materials are available close to the start.

Thank you. I don’t need too many tips at this point, so I’ll avoid your hints. I just thought I’d share thoughts and reactions since so many fans are on here and I got the recommendation years ago from the Dope.

I should be playing later today. Heading around looking for caves to locate ingredients for repair kit and maybe flashlight.

Note: This game strikes me as a “notebook” game, one where I keep a notebook of goals, things I need, and things I’ve seen that interest me.

I love games like that. My best “notebook games” have been The Witness(I could publish it), Skyrim, Breath of the Wild, and probably a couple Fallout games.

Taking physical notes is an indication of my kind of game.

That would be a great idea with this game. I don’t have the kind of patience that’d involve, but it would definitely enhance the game and make it a lot less tempting to find a Wiki.

I do have a suggestion, which won’t really change your gameplay, but is both a very minor spoiler and a minor enhancement of your experience. If you don’t read the spoiler soon, though, it’ll be irrelevant:

When the Aurora is about to explode, watch it. Don’t hide in your capsule. You’ll be fine.

We did watch it explode. Too tempting.

I can not find cave sulfur, needed to make the repair tool. I did look it up and saw that it is inside a plant guarded by a fish, but I have yet to see that.

As odd as this made seem, I can not seem to find that many caves. I am very disoriented and I even have the map(fog-of-war style) from the mod. I have 75 seconds of air due to my oxygen tank and I did find one brain coral that allowed me to breathe its air, though it was not in a cave…

Check my hints regarding sulfur - its the first post I made in this thread. Don’t worry, I organized them in increasing levels of reveal so you can just click through as far as you feel comfortable.

I actually just found cave sulfur for the first time. Dang, it was kind of obscure for me. It was deep, in a little “cave” if one can call it that.

Anyway, I repaired the lifepod to get secondary systems online. I got a distress call from Lifepod 3, which added a beacon marker to my screen to swim there. 500+ meters away.

Yeah sulfur is one of the less obvious ones to figure out.

My best general tip is: this is definitely the type of game where you want to look at/click on everything.

ETA: well, not everything if it’s really large and alive. :wink:

Another tip, as you swim around check the lower right corner for a scanner icon. It means you should scan what you are looking at.

Thanks, I think I saw that once. Does it just mean it can be scanned or that it is important that I scan it?

It means you have not scanned that item before. You really want to scan everything. That’s how recipes get unlocked.

I am trying to scan everything I can.

Part of the charm for me was reading these biology notes on organisms that had nothing to do with the storyline or gameplay. The attention to creating a vibrant ecosystem is delightful, and right up my alley. Finding something new to scan was like finding a new present under the tree.

I’m enjoying some of the sense of humor in this game. “You have exceeded your normal physical exercise amount by 5000%. Your number one activity appears to be…‘swimming’”. Very fun.

My favourite line comes really early, after you find some early resource (copper, I think) when it says “Your chance of survival has just increased to unlikely.”

Yes, I think it said “unlikely, but possible” or something.

Yeah, the humor is the driest part of the game.

Hey…I see what you did there!