Anyone playing? The official full release of this long time early access game starts tomorrow, though you can play the game with the current engine now, if you own it. I think the only things missing are the end game content that will be patched in tomorrow.

I’m waiting for the full release tomorrow before I jump back in the water. I’ve held off for…nine months now to see the end of the story, because I want the full effect, rather than just puttering around the Shallows or running from all the leviathans.

My understanding (and this is backed up in my own playthrough so far) is that everything is in the game with this build except the final content (basically, I think you can’t build the rocket to escape at this point). That’s why I started playing again…the game is essentially done at this point. Though I can see wanting to wait until tomorrow since you’ve waited 9 months. However, I can assure you that there is a ton more in the game even now than just puttering around the shallows and dodging leviathans. :slight_smile:

Any tips on progressing quickly? At some point, I had a lot of low utility materiel and not much of an idea of what to do for my equipment, exploration and habitats to really pick up.

Myself, I built a small base near the close thermal vent and went for the Seamoth early on. That’s the biggest quick start from my perspective. Then get exploring for blueprints and datasets. I focused on the high capacity tanks and rebreather. Personally, I haven’t found it much use but a lot of folks swear by the scanner and HUD chip. One thing I had a lot of trouble in my current game was that locations changed for parts, especially for the Cyclops, which I had a hard time finding all the pieces (only just did actually last night).

I’d also make an early trek to the floating island to explore the abandoned base and get your farm going as well as some good blueprints for building out your habitat. Having the farm going in your base makes things a hell of a lot easier, plus it will set you up for making your Cyclops the mobile base it should be.

I have to admit, I’m totally enjoying the game (again). I had finished all you could play about a year ago and had basically refrained from playing again until final release. I was going to do what Chisquirrel mentioned and not touch it until the official release, but I read some stuff on the latest release and it looks like everything is in except the final end game stuff.

I got this a while ago but shelved it because they were still adding content and I didn’t think I’d really be into playing through it twice. Really looking forward to going through it now that it’s done.

Yeah, I last played it in June, and made it to the underwater volcano zone. It’s gorgeous and fun, but some of the stuff felt too clunky: piloting the Cyclops through the underground channels wasn’t so much fun as it was frustrating. I’m hoping that’s a little bit easier now.

Never did get a great farm going, so maybe that’ll be a mission for me for the new game.

I tried to start playing it, even starting fresh to get the complete experience. (Though I still have my save with my kick-ass base and crazy stunts like scanning the sea dragon leviathan.) Unfortunately, the one change I can attest to in the release version is that, unlike the last build I played, it triggers the nasty crash bug that plagues games on my laptop. I’m not going to be able to play it until I get a new PC, which will be very soon now.

Thanks for the heads-up; I just bought it. It sounds like something I’d really enjoy.

Does this game have a concrete structure to it, or is it more like you do your own thing and incidentally discover story stuff along the way?

Well, trying to avoid spoilers, you could play it as a total sandbox, but there is a pretty tight storyline involved with how and why you were stranded on the ocean world. It’s actually a pretty interesting story, and if you really want to dig in you can read a lot of the stuff you find in the database as you explore the world…or you can just follow the bones of the story by sort of following the breadcrumbs.

Myself, I play it a lot like I play a Fallout game…I basically explore and do my own thing but occasionally I’ll follow the story. This game has gotten really good about throwing down that trail of breadcrumbs that leads you to more interesting things to explore.


I think I play Fallout in the inverse way - I follow the story but occasionally get distracted and wander off to do my own thing. Do you think Subnautica has a strong enough story component for that playstyle?

Comparing these two really brings something home for me. They have a lot of similarities, and a lot of differences, but only one difference matters to me.

Subnautica’s color palette is all blues and greens, with brilliant flashes of yellows and reds, and sub-notes of other colors.

Fallout is brown, brown, brown, plus more brown, and some gray thrown in to liven things up.

I love playing Subnautica. Fallout makes me want to drink myself to sleep.

You can totally stick to the story and story-driven action, though unlike with Fallout you will have to do quite a bit on your own regardless. You will, for instance, have to establish a base because many of the mid and late game things you have to do depend on building at least one base for yourself, and you’ll need certain things to explore the deeper depths. How you go about building your base and what you decide to put in it is largely up to you, but you have to have one with a few things in it at a minimum (a vehicle upgrade station with moonpool and item modification station, for instance). But they have done a great job of bringing in a really interesting and compelling story, IMHO, and one that takes you from place to place as you follow what happened to your ship initially and what’s going on.

Yeah, aside from how fun the game is, it’s a beautiful world that’s really hard to describe to someone who hasn’t played it. There are a lot of similar aspects to the Fallout games, but as you say there are some really big differences. Unlike most games in this genre, water isn’t an afterthought but it’s the primary medium you are adventuring in, so obviously one key difference is oxygen and having enough to stay alive. It’s hard to describe to someone what it’s like being deep inside a piece of wreckage hundreds of meters down and starting to panic because you aren’t sure how to get back out…all the while your oxygen timer is ticking down slowly but inexorably, and suddenly you get a warning…30 seconds of oxygen left…

If anyone is interested, here is the (new) trailer for the game.

Well, I started it back up after watching about 20 minutes of the shitshow of a “launch”. There were more cringe moments in that 20 minutes than in a full hour of Jacked Up segments - topped off by a host chugging an entire glass of wine right on camera.

As for the game, it’s as beautiful as ever. I’m making a point to avoid any wikis/walkthroughs/“cheating” for resources, maps, creatures, wrecks, fragments, etc. The scenery is still terrifyingly beautiful. I noticed the bottom of the moon getting blurry, so I wandered there when the sun came up, and SURPRISE! Granted, I know most of the story up to going deep, and there’s very few baddies that I haven’t seen, but there’s still plenty of tension to make you nervous. Throw in a “Low Oxygen” warning that you weren’t expecting shortly after the music changes, and you can get a little jumpy. It’s definitely very open-ended - you can pretty much ignore the story entirely (not that there’s any side quests or anything to get distracted with, the main plot is pretty much the only story, with one exception). There’s several square kilometers of area to explore, with multiple levels and basebuilding.

It’s been a joyous journey so far, and I’m excited to see how the story and changes play out.

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