Nah, I have a good idea where they tend to roam, plus I keep my head on a swivel. Besides that, they can’t corner for crap and give up pretty quickly. The one roaming around the mountain island was more tenacious than I remember, which made for a clencher when I turned to make sure I was safely away.
I got a visit from some ghosty thing. Freaked me out.

In other news Aquarius I, my first Seamoth, was bashed to death by sand sharks. That sucker had a full MK3 depth compensator and everything.

Do you also have the perimeter defense system?

Aquarius I did not. I hadn’t gotten deep enough to grab the necessary materials yet.

Aquarius II (Murderer of Sharks) has one, and it’s getting one heck of a workout. The only things that don’t get made dead are the jellyfish Martians and leviathans.

Speaking of, those ghost leviathans are kinda creepy. Even more so when you accidentally wander into the void.

I think I’m fairly close to the end of the game, but for the life of me, I can’t find the blueprints for the hatching enzymes. I must be missing something. Other than that, it’s been a pretty fun playthrough and I’m having a blast.

Supposedly a group of modders is working on a multi-player version, so it will be interesting to see how that comes out. The game devs are also supposedly working on the first paid DLC for the game as well.

I just checked out the disease research facility, and now I have to go deeper. I remember the way down (kind of), but I don’t have any vehicle that can dive past 900 meters. I have MOST of what I need to build another tier of the Cyclops depth module, but I can’t remember where I found the other three nickel ores I’ve used so far in this game, so it’s treasure hunting time!

I loaded up Titan I (all vehicles get iteration values - it’s not a question of IF they 'splode, but when) with everything I needed to build a scanner room, multipurpose room, bioreactor, hatch, and a couple foundations, and I’m heading down. No luck so far in the grand reef or the jellyshroom caves, so I think I’m going to wander over to the koosh zone and look around. Also, silent running suuuuuuuuuucks down power cells like nobody’s business - left Titan I sitting nearby while I ran into the DRF with Aquarius II. Came back to a power level less than a tenth of what I left with - and no little power suckers stuck to the side. Finally sorted it out with some experimentation.

I’ve enjoyed the game more than ever on this playthrough, mostly because I don’t know where everything is. Sure, I have some good ideas, but without any wiki help, I can’t be sure. I’m definitely loving it again.

I played this game a ton a while back, but nothing is where it was before. It just took me a good half hour to find the two diamonds I needed for the laser cutter. Though in the process I found a bunch of other good materials I can’t do anything with yet.

And just now a reefback with two tiger plants on it somehow wedged itself directly under my moon room. Now any time I try to go in or out that way not only do I get shot up, but my base takes damage and starts filling with water.

I might have to relocate my base. If I can sneak my seamoth past the reefback, it will usually be gone by the time I get back. However, it’ll show up again in 20 minutes or so.

Go home, Reefback, you’re drunk!

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while.

Does this game feature cool sea creatures?

Exactly how stressful is it?

I should clarify. Is this a constant battle for survival in hostile terrain, or more exploration at your own pace? It’s clear there are some tense moments, but are they central to the game, or only occasional?

It’s more exploration at your pace. There are large parts of the ocean where it’s just peaceful, or where there might be some predator but they aren’t that dangerous. Even the really big stuff you can get away from usual, though that’s where the really tense moments come from (not always…there was this one time I was exploring a dark cave without a light and crab thingies were terrifying me). And, in fact, there isn’t any way to really fight, so if you are looking for a combat game this definitely isn’t it. You get a knife, which can help drive some stuff away, and later you get a gravity gun that can either pull stuff towards you and throw it or pushes them away. Oh, and late game you get an underwater exosuit which can punch and has a drill that can be useful. But it’s not a fighting game. It’s a survival game (mainly early on when you have to find food and water, and of course, not run out of oxygen while diving and die) with exploration.

Yeah, there are a ton of really cool (IMHO) sea creatures. Here is the Subnautic fauna page from their Wiki if you want to take a look.

Oh, I am so in.

Well, let us know what you think if you decide to play. And feel free to ask questions or for help if needs be, though there are tons of videos on the game out there for help as well. The real fun though, IMHO, is just exploring around and seeing the sights. :slight_smile:

I’ve been very addicted to this game for a little over a week now… but I’m stuck on finding magnetite.

I’ll spoiler the anser:

Have you been into the mushroom cavern with the old base wreck? IIRC, there is some there. Also, at the start of the lost river area, there is a bunch. And on the island with the alien gun installation, I think there is some in the underwater volcanos.

It is a seriously addictive game. And the end game is pretty cool from what I understand, though I still haven’t managed to find the formula for the hatching enzyme. From what I can tell, I think my game is bugged as I should have it, so I may need to reload and start a new game. I never uninstalled the original game and I’ve just let it do updates for the past year or so, and I guess that can cause some issues with some people.

I’ve pretty much reached the point the game was at when I left, thought I had never dove this far at the time. I have some more crafting stuff to do (MUST GO DEEPER), and some updating to do - new power cells, and more of them, plus some upgrades for Titan I. Then we’ll wander on down and play dodge the leviathans some more.

Since I just got the formula, I’ll spoiler when I received it:

Has the sea emperor cleared the aquarium arch yet? After scanning the incubator, she gave a speech about setting her children free, blah blah blah, then shortly thereafter blew all the sand away from the arch. After putting yet another ion cube in the portal, she made another speech and I received the formula.

Yup, all that…but she never triggers the sand part and just keeps swimming around. I’m pretty sure my game is bugged as I said. I haven’t nuked it to start over yet, but I probably will this weekend.

That said, this is still an awesome game and I want to emphasize that this bug is probably my own fault. I should have blown the game out and reloaded when they went to their full production version, and I didn’t do that.

I found the first, and ventured in with a default Seamoth. Drove it down to its crush depth, then swam the rest of the way. Finally managed to find some- boy, they’re hard to see down there. Now that I’ve got three scanner upgrades installed, I’m able to start farming the various wrecks around the area- I just wish there was an easy way to tag a wreck as “empty” once I’ve cleared it out.

Use beacons. They’re wonderful for EVERYTHING. Find a cave down to the grand reef or jellyshroom cave? Well, drop a beacon for the next time. See a wreck on walkabout but don’t have time to explore because you’re low on food? Beacon, of course! Found a biome that’s crawling with reapers? BEACON!