Substitutions for salty snacks?

I’m trying to reduce the salt in my diet. Any suggestions for a good non-salty snack?

Salty foods are generally crunchy so maybe some baby carrots and vegetable dip?

Lots of vegetables are crunchy, and apples too. For that matter, any kind of fresh fruit is good (and good for you), and dried fruit is very satisfying if you remember to watch out for the high sugar content in some. I especially like dried mango, but whatever you like. For a high-cal alternative, you can get unsalted nuts and spice them up many ways - try searching via Google for:

recipe -cinnamon -sugar -honey "spiced nuts

That gives, for example, this and this.

(The “-cinnamon -sugar -honey” in the search makes the list more interesting by getting rid of several thousand nearly-identical sweet recipes.)

Since nobody else responded, I thought I’d bump this once more.

Satziki or hummus with pita bread makes a great snack. Split the pitas and crisp them up a little in the oven if you like, then dip. Or take some of those veggies and maybe some meat and roll in pita for something portable.

Slices of cucumber with a little dollop of hot salsa on each.

Being a person who doesn’t particularly care for salt, I would suggest things like…

popcorn with no salt (low salt butter works find) but you have to pop your own, the microwave kind always seems to have salt already.

salt free saltines (I know, sounds weird, but they’re good)

veggie tray (carrots, cucumbers, celery, green pepper)

I’m another person who doesn’t like the taste of salt. Lately I’ve been snacking on:[ul]
[li]baby carrots and lite ranch dressing (right on, Aesiron!)[/li][li]low-sodium Goldfish (all the cheesy goodness without the horrible salty taste)[/li][li]dry-roasted, unsalted peanuts[/ul][/li]I also like no-salt-added Utz potato chips (Utz is a regional brand, but they can’t be the only company to make what are essentially unsalted chips), and I second the recommendation for saltines with unsalted tops: my favorite way to eat clam chowder is with a sleeve of unsalted crackers. :slight_smile:

Frustrating, innit? Even the “light” popcorns are a little salty for my taste. Thank goodness for my air popper and a little bit of unsalted butter! :slight_smile: