sudden neck pain

I was sitting around talking with some friends when I felt a sharp, sudden stinging pain on the side of my neck. It was accompanied by an audible (to me only, though) popping noise. It wasn’t my bone popping, it felt like it was right below my skin, and I did nothing to cause it. The pain lingered for a minute, although it was very dull and reduced.
Since then, I haven’t seen any visible signs of distress on my neck, and I’ve been trying to determine whether or not it feels normal. There might still be something going on there, but I might just think that because I’ve been obsessively focusing on the area. Can anybody explain what just happened to me and if I’m in any danger because of it?

Essentially, it was like someone popped a plastic air bubble on a packing sheet. But painful and on my neck.

With me it was nothing to worry about.
My doctor said it was cervicalgia and send me to a chiro-practer. It can be caused by not sleeping in a proper way, or sitting in a wrong position behind the computer.
The chiro-practer just sort of took a pull at my neck, which made it snap again and it didn’t come back in years.

It really is a mean pain, huh.
Go ask your doctor and good luck.