Suddenly getting email notifications of new posts to subscribed thread

I am subscribed to one of those forever ongoing game threads. Yesterday I suddenly started getting email notifications for each new post. I thought I had set my preferences to send notifications through the board only and not by email. I revisited my preferences but the emails are still coming.

How do I get this to stop, short of unsubscribing from the thread?

Is the thread set to Tracking or Watching?
If Watching, try setting it down to tracking.

Watching. I will try changing it. However, I made not change in that setting for this thread yet suddenly started getting emails.

I want to see notifications on the web page, I just want to stop the emails.

Tracking will still make a thread show up in the Unread and with the little indicators of how many new posts there are.

I have nothing set to Watching but will change this one to watching and see what happens.

All 3 of my Email settings are set to NEVER.

I dug down into my settings again and found this. It was under Emails and I had been looking under Notifications.

Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic

Set to “when I’m away”. I haven’t touched it, don’t know how it is anything but “never.” I set it back to “never” and let’s see what happens.

Cool, hopefully that was it.