intermittent email notification

I have noticed lately that I only get email notification on some threads.

It can be embarrassing when I post something and then get no notification and so appear to have done a hit and run (when in fact I have just assumed that there must have been no further posts because I haven’t received an email).

It’s very odd. It is certainly not a universal problem. There are currently a couple of threads where I’m getting notifications by the minute. And others where it was only because I happened to see the name of the last poster on the index page that I realised that there had been more posts but I hadn’t recieved an email.

To answer some of the questions you are bound to ask, I am set up to log in automatically, and that seems to work. It seems to be a “thread by thread” thing. I either get email notifications in a particular thread or I do not. I never untick the email notification box.

Any comments?

Dammit, sorry, I just saw all the other threads on this topic. Sorry, I’m wasting your time. Please close this.