Suddenly, I am hungry

How long until Thanksgiving, again???

My front yard 10 minutes ago.

More pictures of the flock.

Seriously, don’t they look yummy?

If I counted right, there was a total of 5 Toms (one of them was easily 3.5’ tall), and I didn’t even try to count the hens or chicks. While it’s not an unusual sight here in BBFE (Beyond Bum F*** Egypt), it’s always a surprise to see such a huge flock.

I make a great cranberry/apple/cinnamon dish, what time should I be over?

Will there be pie involved?

I’ve always heard that wild turkeys are these elusive creatures you rarely see in the wild unless you are very, very still and out there a very long time. That looks like a shooting gallery! I guess my information was wrong…

I’ll bring the sweet potato pie and the rolls; what time should I be there?

Hoo boy are you wrong, at least in my neck of the semirural woods. We see them around the barn where I board my horse every year.

In the winter.

Beside the driveway, or crossing it. I shot this picture from my car window, creeping past them.

Even had one living in the barn one winter.

All this time, I thought Wild Turkey came in a bottle…

Hunting turkey actually is harder than some wild game – they’re pretty smart. My FIL is an avid turkey hunter and always loves coming out to our place to practice his turkey calls. Funny thing is, while they are everyfrickinwhere during non-turkey-season, they disappear during turkey season. Last year, the day before turkey season opened, I actually clipped a big Tom with my car – he ran out in front of me and there just wasn’t enough time to stop (besides that, I keep a count of the birds I hit with my car, it’s insane how many I have run over – you honestly expect birds to GTF out of the way, ya know?)

I am telling you guys, it was very tempting to grab the shotgun this morning. Like I told my husband, though – there just wasn’t enough time to clean the stupid thing before work!

I used to have a tom/hen pair come into my yard pretty regularly. They were quite bold and would sit on my deck chairs and everything. Once on the way to work the tom decided it was going to take umbrage at me going to my car. Fanned its feathers and stood its ground a long time before moving along.

That boldness did not serve them well during hunting season, because afterwards I never saw them again.

Never mind.

Actually those pictures made me thirsty.

Ok, I’ll bite – why thirsty?

Must be a sublimal thing.

Hey, Canadian Thanksgiving is a month before the American one. Hand 'em over.


Ahhhhhh… :smack: I was mostly confused, since we got the first 3 seconds of rain in like a brazillion years yesterday and the ground/plant life was somewhat damp. I was thinking, “wow, it must be as dry there as it is here.” I tend to over-analyse things, sorry.

Of course, this gets me thinking about what dessert I will be making for Thanksgiving this year. I refuse to do pumpkin pie, as it was my Dad’s favorite, and only makes sad now. I like to do unusual desserts – last year, it was pumpkin pie sorbet with caramel sauce. I always like to keep it within the range of “traditional” flavors – such as yam, pumpkin, cranberry, etc. Suggestions are always appreciated. Hmmmm…I just had an idea – maybe a ginger sorbet with a pumpkin-bourbon sauce? Dang, now I am planning 3 months ahead…friggin’ turkeys!

Awww! I want to pet them

[Ralphie’s mom’s voice]You’ll get worms!!![/RMV]

Wait, you drove right by them…and didn’t eat them??? It’s not like it would have been hard to nab 'em from the car right there, now would it?

Of course, I now think “Yum!” every time I see a deer. At an SCA feast once I took great pleasure in eating the venison, much to the horror of a couple of other people at the table who didn’t want to eat Bambi. Their loss!

I read somewhere that turkeys are dumb sum’bitches. They will drown in the rain if they are looking up, or some such falderall. Wonder if it’s true.

Ok, here are the reasons for not grabbing one:

[li]It’s not turkey season - I know it shouldn’t matter, since they were in my yard, but still[/li][li]I had 45 minutes to get to work - not enough time to shoot it, grab it, clean it and throw it in the freezer[/li][li]turkeys are mean and huge - you don’t just grab them, trust me on this[/li][/ul]

As for venison, ick. I just don’t like the taste of it. I have a whole freezer full of it that a hunter friend gave us because my daughter (before she decided to become pescetarian/lacto-ovo vegetarian for health reasons) loved venison. It just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Now buffalo? OMG, give me some of that! Pretty much any wild game makes me happy (have you ever had bear? that’s an expeience), but venison gags me. Meh.

Autolycus – that is domesticated turkeys. Wild turkeys are quite smart. We have completely fucked up the animals in domestication. Hell, they can’t even have sex anymore, they’re all breast! I read somewhere that the stupid domesticated ones are becoming so overburdened by the weight of their breasts that many of them can’t even walk – let alone fly!