Anyone know of sudoku sites that get around most work filters? Preferably ones that have an archive available to print out.
It’s addicting…

Does your work filter news paper sites? All of these will let you print the puzzel. And all have an archive.

Thanks, these were perfect. Now the tremors will go away and I can function again! :wink:

My office apparently condones (or doesn’t bother to filter) The puzzles are printable. No “archive” in the sense that you can’t go to last Tuesday’s puzzle, but it claims to have billions of puzzles, and it just throws a random one at you (within the difficulty level you pick).

You could also just install a sudoku app. This one has a print option, at least. has it too.

Personally I think is the best also. I use it all day, whether actually doing them online or printing them and doing them later on.

I use The English site. It has a daily contest, printable, and a cool Jigsaw Sudoku too. It doesn’t have archives of the contest puzzles, but it does have archives of Daily Telegraph puzzles and LA Times ones. It has a pretty good faq, and a link to an interesting document, translated from the Japanese, about making the puzzles. It has a discussion board too, which I don’t read.

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