Suffer the little children......

Yeah, it’s RO time again.

Four people, (plus the mother of the abused children who was sentenced earlier) are now facing jail sentences for the systematic abuse and starvation of five little kiddies in their care (case goes back to 2008).

Now, what the fuck?? I can understand one neglectful/abusive parent/caregiver. At a stretch, I can almost comprehend two maybe co-dependent individuals so caught up in the miasma of their own dysfunctionality as to render them too fucked to parent.

But FIVE adults in cahoots together? In a house with TWENTY ONE children?? And they then picked out five kids to inflict these particular horrors on??

Nope, just don’t get it, not at all.

I’m going to go tickle my little grandson and give him a big, sloppy nana kiss folks.


Bugger, looks like The Age article I linked to is now broken.

Let’s try again with the SMH