Suggest a career for someone who hasn't worked since 1998

My answer was going to include having her parents ask their friends who are in a position to hire anyone if they might not have “something for Daughter”

I have a friend with what I think is a similar work history. She doesn’t live with her parents, but has had enough income from an invested settlement that she doesn’t need to work if she doesn’t want to.

About two years ago she started feeling as though her depression was managed well enough that it was time to get “out there”. She did in fact start by volunteering with a community group. That led to a position training and coordinating volunteers, and more recently brief consulting gigs with companies that the group places clients with.

The big thing for her is that she is in charge of her own calendar.

Trophy Wife

I agree with this! A similar situation just happened in my workplace. I work for a large not-for-profit that utilizes hundreds of volunteers. One lady, who had been out of the workplace while her husband traveled with the military, showed up one day and I talked her into becoming a volunteer and she’s been with us since last October. Now she and her family are moving again, and she has been hired as an actual volunteer coordinator at a company in her new town that has a similar mission to ours. I’m really excited for her and so glad that a chance meeting has turned into something that has benefited all of us!