Suggest a creepy-crawly

A friend of mine is attempting to write a comic book, but he needs some villians. Regular human-baddies I can think of, but nonhumans are tougher. I’ll credit you on the slim chance this ever makes any money! Really what I’m looking for is a monster to be a pain in the butt and/or a servant for a higher baddy.

Flying two headed crocodiles.

A giant earwig.

A living bra.

A slug with duck wings and a duck’s bill. It flies at you quacking, and slimes everywhere. Its nemesis is of course salt. And a l’orange.

Called “The Sluck”.

A giant (like, the size of a big housecat, say) velvet worm.

Here are a couple of pictures

Those bad boys have weird circular mouths and spit glue at their prey. Here’s a view of the head.(Well, okay. Real onychophorans don’t spit glue, technically. They shoot it from these little glands on their heads. But I think it’s close enough to call what they do “spitting.”) Maybe giant onychophora could mess with the good guys by shooting glue at them. Then the good guy could get dragged into the glue spitter’s circular maw and eaten alive.

You could make this really dramatic by making the glue-spitter’s mouth very flexible, letting it stretch to take in a whole human at once. (For those of you who were freaked out by the pictures–that doesn’t happen in real life. I promise.)

Oh, and you could make the glue poisonous. Maybe people who get stuck in the glue are not only stuck, but they become paralyzed and muddle-headed. In fact, maybe exposure to the glue makes you love the glue spitter and want to be near it all the time. Maybe people rescued from the glue-spitter’s clutches need to be quarantined for a bit, while the poison works its way out of their systems.

Or maybe a giant tardigrade.

Tardigrades are pretty amazing. They can survive in all kinds of environments that would kill just about everything else. They can live in places as cold as 3K (no, I’m not making that up). When the wet environment they were living in dries up, they can stay alive in this odd dormant state for centuries (no, I"m not making that up, either.)

Here’s some more info on these amazing critters.

Oh, and check out the Power Klaws of Death on them! There’s got to be something interesting or fun to be done with those.

Maybe an evil mastermind can take tons of giant tardigrades with murderous tendencies and put them into their crypobiotic state. If the UN refuses to give the evil mastermind a gajillion dollars, the mastermind will shoot them all over the world. And when they land in water–watch out!

For comic book purposes, maybe giant tardigrades could be a bit like gremlins. Maybe you shouldn’t let them have water after midnight, no matter how much they beg. Or maybe they could shoot their claws at people. That would be pretty cool. Oh, and they’re armored, so maybe lasers and bullets don’t do them any harm, unless you can shoot exactly into their mouths or something.

I’d bet tardigrades have potential as part of an evil genuis’s army.

I vote for scorpions. Ick factor + poison.

Think mole cricket. Nasty-looking? You bet!

A Giant Land Crab, about the size/weight of a Volkswagen.

[li]Vast strength.[/li][li]Claws[/li][li]Armored exo-skeleton.[/li][li]Eyes on stalks for 270 degree vision.[/li][li]Amphibious.[/li][li]Bio-engineered for sapience.[/li][li]Willing to eat people.[/li][/ol]

Here’s an idea I had for a alien race: The Cooties. They’re roughly humanoid but their main feature is that they are covered head to foot with a crawling mass of insect-like creatures. (Think of those photos you’ve seen of people wearing a “beard” of live bees). The bugs aren’t parasites however; they’re symbiots, serving as a sort of mobile auxillary skin. With the right artwork they win villian points for sheer disgustingness.

The All Consuming ( or perhaps The Flesh ), a sentient mass of raw flesh that absorbs any creature it touches, slowly. I’m picturing some roughly humanoid mass about 8-10 feet tall, with eyes and mouths and other body parts sticking out at odd places. Covered in skin some places, naked red meat in others. Possibly with halfway absorbed people sticking out of it and screaming as they are slowly assimilated into it’s mass. Note that they can’t be saved, as they are already partly consumed . . .

Lumpy, that’s genius.

How about a hellgrammite?

Horseshoe Crabs

You are some sick, horrible people. I love these ideas!

To sort of twist the All-consuming, how about a humanoid covered in little tube feet like an echinoderm or starfish? Each of the feet could aslo double as a little hooked mouth like a lamprey, so that said being could move no matter how he was laying; or consume whatever he comes into contact with!

A living fart gas. Causes death by suffocation. Hard to combat (how do you kill a gas?).

Of course, there’s always the standard sharks-with-laser-beams-attached-to-their-freakin’-heads.

You mean like this?


You light a match?