Suggested additions to the list of bannable offenses

Apostrophes in plurals.

Hyphenated adverbs (e.g. “newly-born”; “recently-deceased”).


“Jive” instead of “jibe.”

“Flaunt” instead of “flout.”

“Begrudge” instead of “grudge.”

“Apropos” instead of “appropriate.”

no caps.


. . . anything else?

Incorrect uses of your/you’re, their/there/they’re, to/too

How about reading the intent of the messages and not nitpicking over spelling and grammar?

“dammit” for “damn it” They sound exactly the same, and there’s no difference in the seriousness of the curse - despite how many people want to claim otherwise.

Similarly, it’s “goddamn” not “God damn” or anything else. Also, motherfucker is one word.

Then instead of than.

ect. instead of etc.

I agree. This should be a bannable offense.



Intolerance for others’ minor failings of grammar and punctuation.

lissener is a jibe turkey.

Humorless literalists: ban 'em!

How about anyone who complains about any of the above? It’s an internet message board. I don’t think it is getting published for peer review.

Attempts at proper spelling and punctuation are nice. But it is not vital.

Oh, and you mis-spelled ‘irregardless’. Got an extra d in there.

Hey, you cast the first stone. :stuck_out_tongue:


A. See my post above.

B. You can’t misspell a nonexistent word. :cool:

If you can Google it, it’s a word. Welcome to the internet.


What, I’ve been spelling it wrong this whole time? How’s it supposed to go?

I stand corrected. You can Google it even if it is not a word. :smack:

It’s a proper noun. :stuck_out_tongue: