Suggested additions to the list of bannable offenses

I’m definite that it’s spelled ‘definitely.’

‘Breaks’ instead of ‘brakes’ for those things that stop a car.

‘Pouring’ over a document, instead of ‘poring’ over it.

Pissing me off.

“Apposite” is even better most of the time. It is an extremely underused word.

And “jibe” is different from “gibe” as well.

Calling someone “athiest” who isn’t even much athier than average.

Hear that sound as of air moving overhead? I’m pretty sure that “Definately” was not a statement of agreement with a previous post, but short for “spelling the word definitely ‘definately’.”

Right whoosh, wrong explanation. Earbone Guy was the one who (most likely) pretended not to get the above. BiblioCat either missed the second joke, or, more likely, got it and wanted to use the lame pun anyways.

Posting in MPSIMS.

What the board needs now is love, sweet love. That’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.

Peoples, we’re in MPSIMS and it’s a humor thread. No flaming, please.

And I vote we add “+!” and

I quite agree. However, I nominate the construction “A propos of…” to be acceptable.

I’ve seen “damnit!” used quite often. Those damned nits…

Reading the OP of a multi-page thread and obviously posting right away with your response, without reading the whole thread or at least checking for updates. This is especially bad if there’s some hugely major update in the thread that completely changes what advice is appropriate.

Saying “I’m not phased by this problem.” Faze and phase are two different words, argh! (Is it Star Trek’s fault?)

Did anyone else misread the OP subject as “bananable” offenses? I thought we were gonna give bananas to some SDMBers for their offenses!

Yeah, pretty much what I just did should be banned. Still, I’d settle for a banana.

Can we ban people who don’t refill the paper towel roll in the break room? I’m not sure if any of them post here or not, but if they do, can we ban them?

I say, old boy. It’s ‘humour’, don’t you know?
Another cup of tea to go with your cucumber sandwich? Do you know the cricket result?

Cricket? That’s, like, darts right?

I can get behind that cause.

Here?? You jest.