Suggestion for new business name

so after about 15 years in the computer biz, the combination of COVID and a little wanderlust on my part is making me lean into starting up another little biz both to augment my spotty computer business and perhaps to evenually migrate to it full time as now that I am getting to be a little older I know my years of working in the field and climbing over, crawling under things are going to become harder so looking at something a little more “shop based”

I have decided to go into laser cutting and etching. I have some experience in the use of such equipment via a local makerspace and have wowed both them as well as laser cutter groups on FB with some of my more creative applications of laser cutting.

So I am seeking ideas for a name.

Something creative
something techy
Something lasery
Something fun

Ideally it will be a name that makes it apparent what I do without alot of mental gymnastics.

I have a couple models of laser cutters specced out in the 100w power and 35x28in cutting bed so lots of flexibility.

I plan on doing a blend of sign work, engraved promotional and custom personal items, award plaques, custom wedding items, and a few others I am learning to do like topographical maps. I looked around and anyplace advertising laser work seems to be heavy machine shop type places so I think I may have some breathing room on potential market.

Any and all input appreciated.

Light DeSigns
Laser CAD
Photonic Engineering
Red Dot DeSigns

“Have Laser, Will Etch”


Hi, I’m Will Etch. It’s great to meet you.

Look… you look like a nice guy so just for you—and I never do this for no one—just for you, I got an ironically, yet charmingly, dated name for you. I’ll let you have it for nothing. Here. Get ready, you ready? Watch:

SuperTechLase 2000

(I’m sorry. That might be SuperLaseTech 2000 I don’t know.)

The Laser’s Edge

Looking on Google shows some music companies with that name, and an alt-medicine site. But there don’t seem to be dozens and dozens.

• • D E S I G N • •

…since that’s kind of a laser’s thing.


Oh, that’s clever @blue_infinity!

Words likr Google, Yahoo and Go Daddy worked.


(It seems fit to me, for some reason.)

XYZ Inc. Although, that might only make sense to people familiar with laser cutting.



(It seems fit to me, for some reason.)

That’s interesting. It does seem to fit and I’m not sure why. I like it.

[ETA: I really messed up that quoting. Sorry.]

Using the KISS rule, might I suggest The Cutting Edge?
Or maybe SaberGraphics.

Killer Queen

“Dynamite with a laser beam”

Thank you. it popped up in my mind as elegant and telling, although I like other suggestions in this thread too.

Avoid all fannish references. They may be cute, but you aren’t in this to win a “Cute Fan Name” contest.

Most CNC folks will probably get it.

Edgy Etchy Laser Art
Red Beam Laser Art

Red Beam is a good one.

But keep in mind, you’re not entertaining insiders with cute inside jokes, you want to be attracting new customers. Often regular folks who need a sign or plaque and have no idea what can be done.

Sorry, that’s a pet peeve from years in advertising trying to get businesses to think like their customers. (When they did, their sales took off!)