Suggestion for New Topic Area

Hey PTB,

It seems like there has been an increase, over in MSPIMS/IMHO, of questions and threads about parenting, infant care, pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, etc etc etc.

I’d like to suggest a new topic area, down there in the “side discussions” subforum, for these threads. As someone who is trying to get pregnant and is therefore extremely interested in this sort of thing, I’d love to have a designated space to geek out on baby stuff with other Dopers. Mostly because TBH the intelligence level on most parenting boards is…erm…well, yeah. I like the folks here better.

I’m fine with the parenting threads staying in the forums they’re in, don’t get me wrong. But it’d be awesome to encourage them a bit more by giving them their own subforum (and also to protect the delicate eyes/ears/brains of those who agressively DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT STUFF from having to read it.)

Whatcha say?

There have been no end of threads requesting a Politics forum that have gotten no traction from management whatsoever. I’m pretty sure the idea of a Mommy-ing forum has a 0.00% likelihood of happening.

Plus, it’s a bad idea; parenting boards attract the crazy like nobody’s business.

Parenting, like many other topics, seems to come and go. Someone starts a thread on a topic, which prompts another, which makes someone remember another question they had, and so on and so on. They come in waves. Check back in a few months, and this will have run its course and all the threads will be about music or pool or whatever.

Politics, on the other hand, is one of the few that constantly sticks around, stinking the place up. A politics forum would make sense.

I think the subforum is a good idea, if MPSIPMS/IMHO people want it. I would be in favor of it.

I think most people are supportive in the parenting threads that I’ve read. There might be a specific problem or issue that I’m not aware of, though.

If the parenting threads stay in MPSIMS/IMHO (which I think is perfectly fine), I think that the participants have to accept that there might be some snark or criticism elicited in them, much the same as in other theads in those forums. I guess it comes with the territory. Sometimes it can be useful to hear that one is coming across as overly self-indulgent or overprotective, etc.

I’d vote against a seperate forum. I like the fact that most of our forums have a mix of topics.
It’s much more interesting to find “Funny things little kids say” next to “What color should I paint my walls” and “Ask the …” threads, then it is to have seperate forums for everything.

I like my forums like a stew. A nice mix of ingredients.

I think the politically correct term is “parents”.

I agree with Tastes of Chocolate; I enjoy the mix, and for sure I read about subjects that I am not very interested in (like, say, parenting) if I see the name of a Doper I enjoy reading, or some such. If it were in a separate forum I would never click.