Suggestion for users sharing a computer

I have a suggestion for users sharing a computer. Using Netscape’s Profile Manager, create a profile for each user. Then when you go into Netscape Navigator/Communicator, you select your profile for the menu of users.

Each user profile has its own cookies, bookmarks, preferences, visited links, etc.

You must exit Netscape to switch profiles, but each user can stay logged into Straight Dope.

Cajun Man and I share a computer, and we use separate profiles. It works great!

That’s an excellent suggestion, Doc and I’m sure many people were unaware of that feature. Thanks a bunch.


I’ve never specifically bumped a thread before, but DrMatrix and I have noticed that several people have been asking how multiple users can share one computer, so I thought it might be good for this thread to be on page 1 again.


Now, if only Nutscrape…ahem…Netscape would actually work!


Good idea you guys. Luckily, psycat and I use different browsers so, for the most part, we don’t have to worry about posting as each other. I use Netscape and she uses IE. Unless I use IE because I get fed up with Netscape and stay logged in… Well, that’s another story. :smiley:

Mac OS 9 and Windows NT (and presumably 2000) all provide multi-user experiences that include a wide variety of settings (right down to what’s on your Desktop) that are restored for you when you log in.