Suggestions for a workout tape

Hubby got me a kick-ass treadmill for Xmas. (It was my suggestion; Men, don’t ever give a gift like this without being asked.)

I need motivation. No, no, not a “You Can Do It!” thread, but suggestions for some great workout music. I’m sick of my old tapes. I do Napster and bought 10 blank CD’s, ready to be burned, so I’m pretty much unlimited…well, until they shut the site down. So hurry!

In the early 80’s there was a show on called 20 Minute Work Out made by Ron Harris. I think he’s doing porn these days but the workouts he made were great. Check your TV listing, they sometimes are in reruns at some ungodly hour but you can recored them. I’ve also seen them on eBay if you feel like doing a search.

I like to work out to No Doubt’s Return of Saturn. Lauren Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauren Hill is good as well.

There was a CD a few years ago of cover versions of Saturday morning cartoon theme songs. All of it’s good, but find a copy of the Jonny Quest theme played by the Reverend Horton Heat. One minute and forty-one seconds of scorched-earth guitar perfection. If that song was just twenty-one days long, I could win the Tour de France.

Be careful with the spelling (“Jonny” is correct, but this is Napster so more people might get it wrong than right) when you do the search.

Elvis Crespo! Or anything Spanish pop, it’s great, it’s wonder. Elvis Crespo does Suavemente and Tu Sonrisa, they’re great even if you have no clue what he’s saying or Pintame is good too.