Suggestions for boredom? (Injury related)

So, my Mom fell this weekend and somehow managed to land just right to shatter both her wrists. Yes, it’s not bad enough that she broke one, she had to take both of them out. Go Mom. She’s a little accident prone. Let’s not discuss the time she set a power-washer on fire.

The surgery went fine and she’s already back home. No worries there. The problem we’ve run into is boredom. Her hobbies include: cleaning, cycling/aerobics/weight lifting, and quilting. She really, really doesn’t like sitting still.

What on earth can do you do with two broken wrists? Keep in mind, her hands are completely immobilized. She can’t dial a phone, open things, do any task requiring fine motor skills. I suspect that turning pages in a book is beyond her, given the casts. She’s also not a computer person.

Anyone have any suggestions? I came up with walking and shopping. She wants to go into work and try to make phone calls (presumably with help, I suppose). I wish she would take the three weeks of vacation and relax a little.

We were also discussing how on earth she’s going to vote - our local polling place still has punch-out cards last time we checked. Surely someone will be able to help her? I have no idea how voting works when both your wrists are broken.

Can she get a DVD into and out of a DVD player? I bet there’s a genre of movies that she’s never had time to explore. I would love to be stuck home for a while so that I can watch all of Hitchcock’s movies. I’m currently watching one a week but it’s taking forever…

She definitely can get help. Not sure if she can get help from you (you can accompany her and try) or if it has to be a poll worker. But she definitely has the right to vote, so make sure she does!

I agree with the old movies thing. My dad is retired and slightly disabled (bad back) and he really enjoys watching old movies on TMC. Almost every day he tells me he watched something spectacular.