Suggestions for "Custom" action figures?

Well, after finally accepting the fact that I’m not going to get ahold of any uranium anytime soon, I decided to choose a new hobby. And after careful internet research, I’ve decided to begin making “Custom” action figures. That is, taking an existing action figure, and modifying it into another character of one’s own design.

That said, I’m wondering who I should start with. The “Lone Gunmen” from The X-Files are at the top of my list of figures to create, but I’m looking for more suggestions. Especially unusual, offbeat, or esoteric ones. The stranger, the better. Anything from Anime to World Leaders. Can anyone help?

Much thanks,
(Maybe an “Osama bin Laden with deluxe exploding head” figure?)

Well, Cecil, of course. Duh. “Ignorance Fighting Man!”