Suggestions for fun/funny Broadway or Off Bway Play?

My friend who lives in a rural area is coming to visit me in the Big City. We thought of going to a play but for budget reasons we will probably buy from the TKTS booth the morning of for cheaper seats.

So, I’d like to get maybe 2 or 3 suggestions of lighthearted plays or musicals* since you never know what they’ll have at the booth. I have no idea what’s out there right now though. I thought maybe Avenue Q since it reopened off Broadway. Other than that, any suggestions?
*but I’m not interested in Bye Bye Birdie, I hate that show. I am not terribly inclined towards revivals.

If you have any enjoyment of Monty Python, and if “Spamalot” is still playing, then Problem Solved.

If *Xanadu *is still playing, and if you survived the eighties, you’ll enjoy that a lot…TRM

Both Spamalot and Xanadu closed. (I’ve seen Spamalot anyway).

A friend from Las Vegas just went to NYC and, on my suggestion, went to see WICKED with her husband.

They both loved the show, and it has been running for a long time so you might be able to get some deals with seats.

Wicked (along with several others) play to capacity almost every night. It would be very difficult to get discount tickets for it.

If I were the OP, I would skip the TKTS booth. It’s a pain in the ass to wait in the cold.

Instead I would sign up for:

And use the discount codes they provide to buy tickets. The prices will be comparable to the TCKTS booth. And you could actually use the day to do something fun instead of standing around.

Avenue Q is great. The 39 Steps is also a lot of fun but it’s closing on the 10th so you might miss it. You could also try Rock of Ages, Hair, In the Heights and Mamma Mia. You might also try something off-Broadway called Fuerza Bruta. Weird thing with an indoor, overhead pool but it’s definitely different. Hope this helps.

Avenue Q is absolutely hilarious. You already have your answer :slight_smile:

In addition to what’s already been said, The Toxic Avenger and Altar Boyz are great, but they’re both closing soon, and I’m not sure what kind of time frame you were looking at.

Also, there’s another TKTS booth at South Street Seaport that never has any lines. And they use the same computer system as the Times Square location, so they have the same tickets available!