Suicide: always a controversial top(ped oneself)ic.

Please, excuse the slightly desperate,

(at least)

desperately punning,

(on balance)

and puny desperation,

(at most)

of this slight title.

I write as I find me:

(he says, dropping his device in a puddle of piss)

Two-thirds through a bottle of old uisgebaugh, aye, and with the new-fangled 'scrip poison burnin my fickles and turning my digestives.

Please excuse my outburst.

(like that’s likely)

My point, before my outburst, was simple: I no longer wish to partake in the regrettable condition which is called life. For a number of reasons-
laziness, apathy, disillusion, dissolution, lack of motivation or ambition, maybe just plain old weakness of will (darwinism partnering entropy?) - my chances of success in a success-(intentional or incidental)-driven society are minimal. Please, please, see this as me passing the buck. I willingly accept my partial responsibility for our world. I do not accept complete responsibility for our world. Those with more resources and power must shoulder that responsibility. May they’d do better than I did.

(lol, an adolescent trying to change the world. Though so many aspire to)

However, my main topic,

(he says, increasingly intoxicated with each sip, each inhalation, each ingestion)

is both bafflingly simple and triflingly complex.

Goddammit, that soliloquy was supposed to have at least another 5 lines

Oops, thought I was in the Pit.

Controversial, but easy. Tie a plastic bag over your head. In a few minutes you’ll drift off in unending slumber. Or tear the bag off because breathing the same, depleted air gets annoying and unsatisfying.

Kid, we’ve all been there–I haven’t run a poll but I think this board skews to the formerly suicidal, especially as adolescents. We each had our own reasons for not doing it. Mine was that I couldn’t find a way that didn’t leave behind a mess, physical or psychological, that someone else would have to clean up. Pills and booze will make you puke, even if they kill you, and have you ever tasted whiskey puke? Something tells me you will tonight, anyway.

Somebody else can say the usual, “Oh no! It would kill your mother! Think of your future!” I won’t because you’ve already thought of your future as a kid who knows how to use a thesaurus and found it wanting. I don’t know you so I don’t care one way or another if you live or die, but I know it’s not a decision to make while you are impaired. Sober up before doing it.

I’m closing this thread. I dunno what it’s supposed to be - other than incoherent - but it strikes me that soliciting and giving advice on attempting suicide is just a bad idea overall.