"Sukiyaki" (60s song)

Who sang this? There was a young Japanese man who sang this song on a recording played on the air in the early 60s. I’d like to know his name so I can locate the 45 rpm record of the song.
I got sheet music for it–but the lyrics below the lines of music are only in English. The Japanese lyrics, transliterated into the Roman alphabet, are printed in paragraph form after the lines of music, so I can’t match lyrics to notes; having the recording might make this feasible.

Well, if your goal is just to pair the lyrics with the notes, would a MP3 do?

Theres several listings on Napster for a Fugi Sakamoto, singing Sukiaki, notice the spelling, and one listing for a Kuy Sakamoto. I also see listings for a Kyu Sakamoto singing Sukiyaki (sp). There’s also a listing for Linda Trang Dai, singing Sukiyaki.

Well, Kyu Sakamoto may be the one…after “Sukiyaki” hit the charts, he recorded an album with a picture of him sitting on a box labeled “dynamite,” in Japanese. :slight_smile: Thanx.

What’s a “MP3”? :confused: :slight_smile:

Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto hit #1 in the U.S. in 1963. The song was originally a hit in Japan --the U.S. 45 was released on Capitol 4945. According to The Book of #1 Hits, the original title was Oe O Muite Aruko, which means “I look up when I walk”-- the full line from the song is “I look up when I walk, so the tears don’t fall”. (The song has absolutely nothing to do with food–the U.S. label just gave it an odd, but recognizable, name). Sakamoto also had one U.S. album–Sukiyaki and Other Japanese Hits.

Wasn’t there a cover version some years later (late '70’s) by a group called Taste of Honey?