"Sum of All Fears" question - no spoilers

The scene: Jack Ryan in the warehouse at the Baltimore docks, right at the end when the cops show up. Was my imagination playing tricks on me or was that Matt Damon as the state trooper who tells Jack Ryan he can help him?

By “right at the end,” I mean “right at the end of the scene” not “right at the end of the movie.”

IMDB doesn’t list it but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Dammit, I just saw the movie 2 hours ago & I didn’t pay that much attention to the State Trooper. I checked IMDB under Matt Damon & under the movie itself - you can find out all the stunt people’s names but I didn’t see this one.

Yeah, I had already checked IMDb, but it doesn’t look like their casting info is anywhere near complete yet. Maybe a kindly Doper will pay extra careful attention after reading this when they go see the movie. Warning: his face flashes by the screen, but he is standing with his back to the screen for a few seconds, so you have time to get ready.