Summarize Proust!!

I confess I do not know much about the writer. Was he really in his time hailed as brilliant? OTOH, I have seen reports that he was considered unreadable.
His big Remembrance of Things Past was published in volumes with titles like Sodom and Gomorra, Sodom and Gomorra II. (And you thought Hollywood was first in creating improbable sequels!!) All the way to Le Temps retrouvé volume published posthumously in 1927. Was it true this was his only novel? Or is he the most famous novelist to never finish one?

I am looking to be enlightened.

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(Hey! Don’t blame me! That was how the Pythons ended the original contest!! I wanted also to get ahead of the silliness this tread will produce! I know you guys!) [/sub] :stuck_out_tongue:

Reclusive invalid has tea and cake, which allows him to remember (at some length) how every woman he ever loved is either dead and/or a lesbian. Realises everybody is getting old. The end.

More seriously, Pinter’s The Proust Screenplay is a surprisingly decent stab at reducing it all to just plot for the purposes of an two hour long film (never made, though the script was recently staged by the National Theatre in London).

There is Jean Santeuil, but it’s usually regarded as an abandoned first stab at The Big One. Most of his other writings, including much of the criticism, is similarly semi-autobiographical stuff that works its way into the novel.

[sub]My guess for the girl with the biggest tits would be Gilberte. ;)[/sub]

Proust, in his first book wrote about, wrote about…


Start again.

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Yeah, something about a cookie. Whenever I hear “Proust”, I think, “cookie”. I seem to remember it was actually a madeleine cookie. That’s all I remember. Maybe I should eat a cookie so I can remember more.

I direct your attention to Monty Python’s All-England Summarize Proust Competition, alluded to by mobo85.