Summer Camps you'd like to attend

I saw a couple of news stories and then checked out the Website of Camp Jam, the closest real world equivalent I’ve seen to School of Rock. I thought to myself, Damn, I would have lovedto go to a camp like that.

As an adult, I have no discernable musical talent beynd an excellent sounding (very crisp!) finger snap, in reasonable time to music. What I’d like to do for a month or two would be some kind music immersion program, for listeners rather than musicians. I’d love to hear great music, live and recorded, and try and get it more conceptually linked up in my head. I’d like to understand better how certain musical schemes reach us in different musical ways.

Somewhere in the back of my head is a songwriter struggling to get out, which is a pity as he is an illiterate musidwriter. I figure there is software somewhere to help me bridge the gap between a tune in my head and hearing it through a loudspeaker, but I’ve never looked into it.

Camp Winnarainbow would be nice.

Space Camp!

I’m hoping to be off to Bagpipe Camp in a few weeks’ time.

Maybe that one from Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown, where they let unsupervised teams of kids make a week long rafting trip/race through the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest. That looked like fun.

Howard Lederer Fantasy Poker Camp

I like Howard Lederer a lot as a player and he seems like a good guy from what I’ve seen of him as a commentator and I think I’d learn a lot from this camp.