Summer of '06 Doper Virtual Road Trip USA

When it’s your turn to post, just slide into the driver’s seat of the SDMB on-line roadster.

You pick up from where the last person decided to stop.

You are allowed 300 miles on the odometer. Feel free to mention highlights along the way.

I’ll allow ferry travel–that’s it. No loading our virtual wheels on a train or a plane or anything like that.

We’re departing from San Jose, California. Welcome aboard.

Our first leg will only be be 190 miles. The next driver will be leaving from **Yosemite Valley.

Where to next?

In an effort to escape the United States (and cursing the driver for going east instead of north) we decide to rectify the situation and drive due north. After wasting a bit of time on Lake Tahoe the group treks north to the town of Susanville, CA: 264 mi north of Yosemite. There is nothing interesting in Susanville. Please don’t pick up hitchhikers as they may be prison escapees.

Okay, I’m new to this - never driven in the US before, but north seems like a good direction to head - Oregon here we come (please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all time - driver known to swerve without warning).

Sorry guys, the views of all these National Forests are great, but I have a brewery visit in mind - 304 miles (is an extra 4 miles allowed???) north of Susanville CA, we come to a screeching halt at the Deschutes Brewery Brew Pub in Bend, OR! Enjoy folks, but just remember, someone’s gotta drive the next leg, and it ain’t me!!! :cool: