Sumo wrestler beats Terminator

If you saw the Daily Show on Comedy Central you this guy. Crazy white guy running around in his undies claiming he’s a Sumo wrestler running for governor in California.
Well, he managed to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first round. After the 135 candidates have been certified a drawing was held to determine in what sequence the candidates will be listed on the ballot. Crazy Sumo wrestler makes #6 on the first page and you have to wade through four pages (out of six) to be able to mark Arnold’s name.
October 7, 2003 Statewide Special Election, Certified List of Candidates

God, I love this country.

Daily show video of Terminator vs. Sumo wrestler

That’s only in the first district, though. From what I’ve heard (on The Daily Show, naturally), the first name on the list will be moved to the end for the second district voting, then the new first name will be moved to the end of the list for district three, etc. I’m not sure how many districts there are, but Ahnold will work his way up the list just like every other candidate.