Sun Myung Moon has died


Nearly croaked on a Blue Moon.

Damn, this is weird. Out of the clear blue yesterday, I wondered whatever became of this guy. I looked him up on Wikipedia, and was a little surprised that he was still alive.

This same thing happened when I once reflected that all the members of the Monkees were still alive. The next day, Davy Jones died.

Am I the mortality omnibeing? Does my thinking bring death?

Oh, wait, the story says Moon died on Monday. (Oooooh, the day of the moon!) So my thinking about him yesterday couldn’t have killed him.

Good riddance.

Moving on…

But according to the Theory of Simultaneity, in your frame of reference, he was still alive.

BTW, if you’re up for a little science experiment, drop me a line…I’ve got a whole list of people for you to think about. :cool:

:: Sunspace carefully avoids posting to the thread, so that OP won’t think about him ::

Oh, damn.

I was at the mass wedding at MSG in 1982; this was back when I was a grad student in sociology of religion. Guy I went to grad school with was the president of the church in the U.S. for a while in the '90s, till he started thinking he actually ran things and butted heads with the Koreans once too often.

Well, let’s see what happens in three days…


Mad Magazine called him Sun Set Looney…he had the same date of birth as Early Wynn.

His face looked like a biiiiig apple pie.

I always thought it would have been more appropriate if Frank Costanza said it looked like a big moon.

So he wasn’t immortal after all?

If he was, why didn’t he try walking on water? :rolleyes:

why do you say that? Compared to say, the pope, his religion was/is pretty benign as far as I can see. Apparently moonie marriages are far more succesful than normal ones

I know a family who got a free subscription to the Washington Times. They used it as tinder in their wood-burning stove to heat their house.

That makes me wonder what will happen to That Old Devil Moon himself now.

Well…Blue Moon on Monday and dead 3 days (now its night)…