Sunbathing topless not recommended for fatty and not pretty women

It’s true!

Pravda has fallen a long, long way from being anything close to resembling a trustworthy source of information. (Not that this is a recent phenomenon, either.)

I am glad that was finally cleared up. I was getting worried about all the “fatty, ugly and unpretty women” appearing topless on my beaches.

Yes. These days it’s more like the National Enquirer. Complete with OMG! Space Aliens Ate My Baby!!!11!!!one!

It was cool to read back in the 80s (for linguistic more than political purposes) when I was teaching myself Russian, but in the mid-90s when they started running articles about the world population of werewolves I knew it was time to say “прощай”.

Pravda has never been a trustworthy source of information.

: puts top back on and scurries from the thread:


Uh-huh. And which woman is going to admit that she is “fatty, ugly, and unpretty”? Reminds me of the Jack Chalker series “G.O.D., Inc.” In the fantasy world in that series, the Rules state that beautiful women must be skimpily dressed. Since all women consider themselves veautiful, they ALL go about skimpily dressed.

If I were a “fatty, ugly, or unpretty” woman, I’d almost feel obliged to sunbathe topless as a statement.

In my experience virtually all of them do, all of the time.

AIUI, Pravda used to be a reliable source of propaganda, and is now apparently a reliable source of garbage.

There’s no news in Pravda and no pravda in the news.

Don’t worry - I’m sure it’s fine if you always bring pie. :smiley: All things will be forgiven. Now me, on the other hand, until I learn to cook, best stay clothed! Oh, and it being a local holiday here, it is raining anyway.

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Ah, my schoolteacher used to tell that joke, re *Pravda *and Izvestia :smiley:

You know what this thread needs?

More shitting.

Mammalogists study mammaries? I thought they’d study mammals.
And yes, being told I can’t take my top off because I may be fat or unpretty actually makes me want to take my top off and say “Ha! In your face you mean rulemakers!”

And then I’d get embarrassed and hide.

I would say most women don’t consider themselves beautiful. I’ve read stats which say as few as 2% of women do. Kind of sad, really.

I think we should encourage all women to sunbathe topless until this problem is overcome. I will do my best to support them.

Well, thank God for diffuse mastopathy is all I can say.
(wtf is diffuse mastopathy? abnormal condition of the mast–er, mammary glands spread all over?)
I have to question the fatty and not pretty. What if you’re pretty and a “fatty”? Checkmate, I think, sir! :cool:

What’s the difference between ugly and unpretty? I suppose you could be unpretty and just be AVERAGE, but not actually ugly. So does that mean you have to be a beauty queen?

Just to clarify a point: fatty, ugly, unpretty men can still flaunt thier man-boobs to thier hearts content right? Espcially in a tiny Speedo?

your welcome for that mental image :smiley: