Sunday Morning Puzzle #103 -- Obscure World Trivia

Because the [thread=373726] Obscure U.S. City Trivia[/thread] proved too obscure for the SDMB, I thought I’d try a few world trivia questions instead.

“Obscure” really isn’t the right word, but there it is.

Enumerations, though not in correct order, for the answers are: (6), (7), (7), (7), (8), (9), (5-4), (10), (7-3), (4-7).

  1. If you’re walking along the “President’s Golden Way”, a mile-long yellow shag rug, what country are you in?

  2. In the It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad…World DVD, a car from which country runs out of gas on a Christmas tree farm?

  3. A cookbook dedicated to what body of water includes recipes from Kenneth Lay (Oh Boy! Chocolate Cookies) and Terry Bradshaw (Chili con Carne)?

  4. Author Amy Tan wrote Lobo’s Kiss, a poem about a pack of wolves prowling the mountains of which country?

  5. A leader of what country was overthrown in a coup while abroad attending a Weight Watchers Convention?

  6. In a 1972 flick, James Garner and Maggie Phillips co-star as a couple who eke out a living as goat farmers in what country?

  7. The letters “P.N.C.” stand for what lake, according to Spanish singer Maria Cass?

  8. In a notorious internet cartoon, Dora the Explorer and Count Dracula clash in what country?

  9. In the off-Broadway drama Son of Moby Dick, Ahab pursues a giant whale from the canals of Venice to the shores of what South American country?

  10. Subscribing to a strange religious belief, baseball great Cy Young flew to what Asian region to bury his cat, Marcus?


Oh, thank you B, I’ll be getting right to work…

Good luck, MonkeyMensch!

I am off to work now. I am sure when I get home late tonight there’ll be plenty of correct answers posted. Feel free to add your own world “trivia” in a similar vein.

  1. Costa Rica

Excellent, MonkeyMensch!

Any luck with the others?

Why, yes.

  1. you…rug…way: Uruguay

  2. mad…a…gas…car: Madagascar

  3. Lay…con…Terry…Oh: Lake Ontario

  4. pack…Kiss…Tan: Pakistan

  5. coup…Weight: Kuwait

7. Cass…P.N.C.: Caspian Sea
8. and…Dora: Andorra
9. Venice…whale…a: Venezuela
10. Cy…bury…a: Siberia



You are King of the Obscure World Trivia!

You win a* no-expense paid trip to the same country where the Earl of York and MASH star Loretta Swit’s sister were married back in 1982! Congratulations!

Then I’ll have to watch my chocolate intake…