Sunday morning routine?

Sunday morning is supposed to be for relaxing. I have to work in a little bit.

But tell me how you relax on Sunday mornings.


Wake up about 8:30 when WayTooBigDog2U jumped on the bed and decided to “snuggle”. Turn on FoodTV (the Dan and whomever show - the ones who won the Next FoodTV Star contest and have a show on now) and get a cup of coffee, lay in bed watching FoodTV and drinking coffee for several hours, refilling every once in a while until about 10, 10:30. Dump coffee, get showered and dressed, do hair, watch Barefoot Contessa back in the bedroom while above mentioned Dog2U runs around like an idiot wanting to “play”. Try and make Dog2U understand that while we love him, we do not want the equivalent of a Lippizan Stalion running around going banans. Talk M2U into taking dog out to wear it out. Watch TV, straighten up “home office” since Mr2U has “redecorated” and get ready to take Son2U’s friend home after a sleep over. Take friend home aroudn quarter to one, return at 1:00, drink beer, watch FoodTV, watch Bears Game, and play on computer. Around 2:30, realize you’ve decided to blow off the work that you brought home as well as the Christmas recipes you were going to type up, recheck work email for the second and last time, and finish SDMB post. Log off, shut down computer, go downstairs and start thawing frozen shrimp to eat during Extreme Makeover - Home Edition and Iron Chef America, and then just do NOTHING for the rest of the day.

This is about as UN-stressful and relaxing as my Sunday mornings usually work.


shE. Thorp and I are creatures of routine. Sunday’s routine: classical music on the stereo, a pot of coffee, the New York Review, scrambled eggs and toast, and a noon phone call to my parents. By the time we get out of the house (if we do), it’s about 2:00 or 2:30.

Get up and go to work. So I can be there when the rest of you arseholes eventually get out of bed and decide you need to “run some errands”.

Not that I’m bitter :slight_smile: .

Well, I don’t really have a Sunday morning routine, since I sleep 'til noon. And then, I don’t have much of a routine after that anyway.

betenoir, please consider this a heartfelt “THANK YOU” - and no, I’m not kidding. Believe me, Mr2U and I, and the dog and the son and the rest of us DO appreciate when you’re giving up your weekend, your televised football games, your “wanna do things” when we’ve all got the day off - we really, really do. And for all the times Mr2U has been a crab-ass to the people in general (especially at the grocery store), I APOLOGIZE! I DO yell at him when we get to the parking lot! :slight_smile:

Sunday used to be breakfast out, then grocery shopping, then home to read the paper and watch football.

We’re economizing, so now it’s breakfast in, then football. No paper. I don’t feel like I need one, since NPR’s on all day, and I can get local news on-line. (They’re talking about yesterday’s tornadoes now.)

Hubby works nights and I only work 2 days a week, so rising time is the same every day – whenever we feel like it. :slight_smile:

I’ll join in the thanks to betenoir, and to hard-working, early-rising folks everywhere.

The Times crossword, a pot of coffee, and oatmeal with brown sugar. When I’m enjoying all three of these things, and then kitten comes to sit on my lap and doze, I am about as happy as anyone could ever be. Yay Sunday mornings.

I love Sunday morning. First of all good music. Sometimes Christian music, sometimes other relaxing music. Next, a pot of strong coffee. Then, the Sunday Dallas Morning News. Go to church. Then, this time of year, come home and watch football. Other times of the year, go out for lunch.

Well today I slept in until 11, went and got breakfast with my roommate. Roommate left for work and I tuned into Gilmore Girls marathon. I was only going to watch one episode, but now it’s almost five. I needed to go to Walgreens and get a prescription filled, put gas in my car, buy cigarettes, etc. but I just don’t feel like it. I am a lazy bum. I also put in my Palm to read ine chapter each in three of my textbooks, but I’m probably not going to do that, either.

I am a waste of life.

Usually up at 8:00, breakfast of granola bars and Mountain Dew. Listen to NPR until 9:00 when I switch to Meet The Press on TV then all the other news programs on network television while I pay bills and do money stuff. After The McLaughlin Group on PBS it’s on to yardwork, housework or fun stuff.

When I’m at home, I get up at 7:15 to go to church (the service doesn’t start until 10:45, but there are always rehearsals and things; we usually leave around 8:30.) At school I get up around 8:30, take a shower if I feel like it, bum around until the dining hall opens at 10:30, go eat, and either come back to bum around some more or go for a walk. Today I bummed around.

I love Sunday mornings.

Get up around 8-8:30, put on the coffee. Start cooking breakfast. Yesterday, it was a “hash” made with potatoes, eggs, ham and onion.

When breakfast is ready, I turn on “CBS Sunday Morning” (that show for old people) and eat on the couch, and start going through the New York Times. I usually take all morning to read the paper while having another couple cups of coffee.

Once noon hits, I’ve read most of the paper (business, front page, sports, week in review and maybe other stuff if it catches my eye), and I get out the NYT magazine. I read the short articles. Basically everything I’ve done up to now has been to delay starting the crossword puzzle which is the highlight of my Sunday.

Yesterday, I also made bread which took 4+ hours to rise, and I made potato-leek soup, so I had that going on during the day.

Sundays, I try to avoid doing anything I don’t want to do (chores, shopping). I rarely even exercise on Sundays.

I watch football or Nascar while doing the Crossword. I watch 60 Minutes, then Sunday night TV, either FOX or HBO.

I love Sunday.

Wake up by 10:30 if I don’t turn off my alarm and sleep until close to 11. Get dressed and go to 11:30 Mass. Get out by ~12:30 and go light grocery shopping or other shopping. Maybe see a movie or just go back home and quilt in front of the TV all day. Watch “Grey’s Anatomy”. Go to bed with a book.

Saturday is sleep-until-4 day. :wink:

Sunday is Farmers’ Market day in my house. I get up and, if it’s early, prepare breakfast. While the kids are eating, I’m taking a shower and getting dressed to leave. Once whatever kid or kids are going with me are ready to go, we head out. After the Farmers’ Market, we do a little shopping (yesterday we went to Filene’s) and pick up the rest of the ingredients for Sunday Dinner, a big deal in our house.

I cook, clean and play with the kids the rest of the day.

There is no day of relaxation in my house while the Farmers’ Market is in season. Hell, who am I trying to fool. Unless the kids are gone (once a year, MAYBE), there is no day of relaxation in my house.