Sunday Morning with Mistress Bates

I wake up with Mr. Bear (my teddy) lying on my face.
I grab him by the ears and kind of throw him (in a nice way) to the side.
I grab the new 19 magazine and read in it a bit.
“new G spot has been found”

Man… tell me again when I ve found the old one…
I sure could use a map down there…

so how s your weekend been so far?

Don’t you hate feeling left out of the loop? :slight_smile:

I see the covers for all those guys mags, and you get the idea the male is suppposed to be a shallow, rich, musclebound sex demon, who sees females as nothing but conquests.


ah the mags I read really give good insight in what males think…
see they even have a girl boy dictionary take this serious uhmkay?!

My fav word in the dictionary is this:

quality time
n 1 (female)Periods set aside by couples to gain a deeper understanding of each other s needs, for the pure enjoyment of their mutual company, and to strengthen the bond between them.
2 (male) sex.
Weekend update: my far away boyfriend emailed me :slight_smile: (good)
he seems to fuck school up… just like me… and I thought only old ladies and their dogs would be just the same after they are together for a while… (I recently saw an elderly woman who looked just like a puk sp?)

Sheesh! Don’t scare me like that!

Bates is my maiden name. And I know I woke up in my own bed this morning.


So you thought it was your sex slave posting it?


Dodgy, I can help you find the old one if you’d like. :wink: