My Aunt Flo is visitng, or...

Those of you who know Zebra is a man (all man baby) are probably suprised by the title. Acutally I was wondering what terms people use for a woman having her period.

In my household we started with Mrs. Z. being in The Neutral Zone ala Star Trek because when the Romulans are in the Neutral Zone, Captain Kirk can’t attack them. This devolved into being in Neutral, which gives images of a standard transmission. Of course that works because you aren’t going anywhere when you’re in neutral.

In case you can’t figure it out we don’t have sex while Mrs. Zebra is having her period.

So what terms do you use in your house when Aunt Flo visits?

Its “that time”.

“I’m on my period.”

My grandma told me that when she was a girl, they called it “jumping off the roof” so the boys wouldn’t know what they were talking about. “Jenny’s jumping off the roof today.”

By the way, not to get all personal and all, and you certainly don’t have to answer, but, uh, why the heck don’t you have sex when she’s on her period? It sure doesn’t stop me and He Who Cohabitates.

Riding the cotton pony

She dosen’t want to and I don’t press it. She used to get bad cramps but that’s been taken care of but she still will get a migraine during her period, which is not condusive to sex.
I’ve always been fond of ‘your monthly curse’ as a term.

A girl I used to date called it “Chuky” (pronounced Choo-key, as in “We can’t do anything because I’m chuky.”). I always found that term quite endearing, and have used it since to apply to the same situation.

We call it “George”, as in, “George came today!” or “George is here!” I don’t know why…it’s something my husband has always called it. Before I met him I would just say that I had my period.

Around here, it’s “party week.” Funny you should ask, I feel like hell today. Guess why? :smiley:

I have no edification to add to the OP, but would like to note, in the spirit of the “misread” thread floating around elsewhere, that I thought this thread was titled “My Aunt Flo is fisting, or…” at first.

Which isn’t conducive to sober consideration of any OP…



I’ve got my period.

With my one boyfriend, we used to have sex all the time when I was on my period. It really isn’t as messy as one would think. Often times having sex would even stop the bleeding altogether. Definitely a plus. I’m not sure why it stopped though. Any ideas?

Having the painters in.

At some points during “my cycle” (the phrase I use the most), having sex would make the bedroom look like a crime scene, I bleed so heavily.

Other times, no problems, eh!?

I use:

  1. I’m on my cycle
  2. I’m on my period
  3. I’m messy right now


Sorry, but in the casino business, “George” is a dealers’ code word for someone who tips the dealers very well.

Calling it George is an insult to many nice people who understand that dealers work very hard and are only paid minimum wage for doing a highly skilled job.

I like the phrase “Aunt Flo”. Of course, I wouldn’t mind her monthly visits so much if she wouldn’t sent in the advance team of vicious attack hormones to soften me up before she comes in and flattens me…

It’s kind of reassuring to know that there are a few other couples who refrain during the monthlies. I cite the same reason as BunnyGirl, except for me, it’s six solid days of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Seriously, when I was a kid, I wondered what that “lightdays” stuff was about. I figured it was for women who wanted to wear lightweight clothing and didn’t want a big bulky pad showing through, but, geez, doesn’t she have to change her pad, what, every half hour!?!

Praise the Lord and pass the Super Tampax.

Anyway, with stunning lack of originality, I say, “I have my period.” He says nothing, if he knows what’s good for him.

Same as everyone else, except the last year or so, I’ve been calling it “Hell Week” :frowning:

A visit from the cardinal.

Fortunately, I no longer menstruate. I had a total hysterectomy about three years ago… the last in a series of four procedures in toto.

I was really sick and miserable for a variety of reasons I don’t need to go into here, but now that I’ll all better and healed and stuff, I LOVE not having a period! No mess, no fuss, and sex whenever. I guess if I had to be really sick, this is the trade-off. It’s a good thing.

Regarding the OP: in our house, when I was growing up, we simply called it menstrutating. Not terribly creative, but my mother is a nurse, so we used clinical terminolgy.

Pink pill week, after the color of her birth control pills during the “hands-off her, and probably hands-off me” time.

I just go with the oh!-so original “I’ve got my period”, but one of my friends used to say that Big Red was here, and I knew a lot of people who’d just announce they were on their rags. Attractive visuals for both of those.