Sunday Puzzle # 9

This week’s puzzle is dedicated to Lizzie Magie.

I had planned to spend this weekend watching the NCAA tournament and thinking about how I’d spend the money I would win in my office pool.

However, as usual, my selection of a team was its kiss of death.

Because my NCAA brackets are falling apart, I decided instead to follow another tournament. In this match-up the following teams are playing:

The Booters, The Bulldawgs, The Carriers, The Cowboys, The Gunners, The Mad Hatters, The Midshipmen, The Point-Stoppers, The Pressers, The Racers, and The Sackers.

The tournament is held at 40 different sites. 39 of these sites are listed below, though in a somewhat obscured way. One site is missing. Which one?

Note: The order below is random.

  1. A sea
  2. A sea
  3. An ocean
  4. An ocean
  5. Huskies
  6. Sit “on the house”
  7. Tar Heels
  8. PARR
  9. Quakers
  10. Hoosiers
  11. Fate
  12. '75 ring
  13. Green light
  14. Wildcats
  15. Avers
  16. Fighting Illini
  17. Twixt+ Celestial Traveler+ Chopper
  18. Cavaliers
  19. Holy Chuck (Darrow, of course!)
  20. Where you may have to pay the piper!
  21. Knicks
  22. Iron Horse bookmobile?
  23. Pork Palace? Not quite!
  24. Eastern
  25. Volunteers
  26. ?
  27. Part 1: Relate
  28. Part 2: Sew
  29. Part 3: Where to keep the oolong?
  30. Holy Madison or Monroe?
  31. “Ale” + “Hooch” + “Goat” (But not in that order)
  32. Old PBS favorite
  33. What you are never in at the bank, it seems.
  34. A brave person might take one of these!
  35. Stop by the bars…or stay and order a double?
  36. If the “M” in this word was an “N”, then you could re-arrange the letters to get #37
  37. If the “N” in this word was an “M”, then you could re-arrange the letters to get #36
  38. Smelly transportation?
  39. What actor Lee does with that hoe?

So what is the 40th site?

damn - wish I had a Monopoly board so I could check…

So this is why being a poor college student sucks…


Euty passes Go and collects $200! (Though not from me–heh heh).

That was mighty swift. Indeed, the fastest solving yet—less than an hour. Good job. Guess that’s why you are a mod!