Well lookit! I’m in 4 digits all of the sudden.

Oh, yeah? Well, I’m closing in on triple…so nyah.

Good for you.

Now now, don’t let gunslinger scare you. He’s the world’s last confederate widow and he gets honery every so often.

Nyah to you too! :stuck_out_tongue:

[sub]You don’t happen to keep those guns loaded and close by do you? If so, I humbly apologize…uh, Sir. May I go now?[/sub]

Mercutio You’ve only got 32 more to go.

:confused: Honery? Honery? :eek:

This really is a MPSIMS kind of thing, so off it goes.

your humble TubaDiva

I just passed 500. Nobody gave a rat’s ass.

And nooo, please do NOT send me one.

Why do people say things like that like they’re WORTH something?

We’ll throw you a nice one at 1000.

Ok. I’m gonna hold you to that, lurkernomore.
Will you wear a uniform for the occasion?

Good for you. Happy now?

And I’ll second Kat. Honery? WTF?

You forgot Ginger’s “:D,” dear.


Ornery, maybe?

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