Sunrise or sunset in the MMP?

I saw your link before you pulled it and cried again with you. They hold our hearts all of their lives and then rip them out when they go. I’ve been there and will be there again. The love and joy they give me is worth the sorrow at the end. Except when it happens.

For some reason, birds like to fly into our north facing windows (probably because of the light and reflections and stuff) which distresses me. I bought vinyl window decals in the hopes that birds would see that there is something there and stop hitting the windows. So far, it has worked.

Today GG noticed the decals and thinks it’s great fun to leap up in the air and claw them down. The little jerkface moves so quick that I can’t get a pic of him pulling the top ones down. They are over 6 feet high and he just kinda stands on his back feet and hops up and snags at them with his claws.

He’s going to grow up. He’s going to calm down. He’s going to turn into a wonderful cat. If he survives.

GG will be a great kitteh. I’ve been following his development and have been enjoying the whole friggin thing. I wanna see more pics.

I had a window in a house I no longer live in that had a similar bird problem. I had to put the decoy cut-out thingies on the outside of the window. It was a most irritating blue jay in my case.

Thank you for being so gracious. It wasn’t until after I posted about GG that I realized that it might hurt your heart and reported myself.

I hope you are able to sleep tonight. The quiet times are always the worse for me.

No worries. No reason to report. We’re all friends here. Give gormless(I think I spelled that right) a snug from me.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

I agree. And {{{{hugs}}}} again for Cinnamon.


At the Baltimore Aquarium, they have huge glass panels with a pattern of dots etched on for just that reason. It must work as I never saw piles of gull carcasses around the building…

Up stoopit early again. My daughter is bringing her spawn over for lunch today. I plan to make individual pizzas, then send her home with dough for the freezer. I need to lay a fire in the basement as today is supposed to be stoopit cold and I know Roxy will want to play there a while.

So when it gets light out, I’ll run out for some pizza toppings, then come home and start the bread machine. And run the vacuum. And generally tidy. Good times.

Happy Saturday!!

@Paintcharge my condolences. Losing a pet is hard. Take your time and take care!

Good morning everyone.

Continued hugs to you, Paint.

I got the erranding done yesterday and Polar has his Rymadil. The final stop of the erranding included picking up early lunch and then we came home.

I didn’t do much of anything else the rest of the day but boil up some chicken thighs for Polar.

I don’t know what today holds, I haven’t quite decided what I want to do.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! YAWN I was a slugabed until seven-thirty this mornin. :astonished: ‘Tis 37 Amurrkin out and N.O.S.with a predicted high of 65 with rain startin’ sometime this afternoon/evenin’. We also have a WIND ADVISORY in effect today and tomorrow. Thus we shall stay in da cave and be sloths and ne’er do wells. Any need to feed will be via forage as we have plenty of sammich makin’s and such.

{{{VanGo}}} I am so sorry about Cinnamon. He had a wonderful life thanks to you.

MOOOOOOM we all have relativies like your BIL. Nuttin’ we can do about 'em except hope for the best.

CupCakes we do indeed fart. They smell like cotton candy, however. Rancid cotton candy, that is.

Everyone else, I read all, but retention is futile, so yays, boos, hugs, trouts, chitlins, noogies, and how you doin’s all around as needed.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Sattidy Y’all!

Productivity abounds! I emptied and started refilling the dishwasher, scooped the cat box, ran to Food Lion, started pizza dough in the bread machine, and made FCD’s breakfast. There were no eggs to be had at FL - not that I needed any urgently, but I’d have grabbed a carton while there. We’ve got pizza makin’s, tho, so that works.

It’s a ridiculous 24° out there and we’re not supposed to get out of the 20s today. When my daughter texts that they’re on the way, I’ll start the fire downstairs since Roxy will want to play there. I need to push the vacuum around, too. And maybe do some tidying. We shall see.

More hugs to you VanGo. Nelson got extra cuddles in your name (and his tail is wagging).

unknown, George sounds like a kitteh I would want to know.

It’s not stupid cold here (yet), so an excursion to the dog park will happen if the rain holds off and maybe a drive.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Good morning all. Tis a whole 2 degrees here. Don’t know if’n I’ll leave the house.

MIL and FIL want to go to Texas to see BIL. I’m pretty sure no one can visit COVID patients in the ICU, even in Texas. Not to mention the insanity of them flying, or worse, trying to drive.

It’s a tough situation.

My childhood friend John passed away suddenly a few days ago. I have not been in touch with him or any of his siblings for years and I got the news from another friend from the neighborhood. I spoke briefly to the brother and the two sisters and introduced myself to the widow. I explained that I had lived a block away and spent many days at John’s house. The neighborhood boys would sit on their porch by the hour, and that I was the one who taught them all to play poker. She replied: “So you’re the one…” and then smiled.

Hello, honeys, I’m home. I got back very late last night. My sister is doing better. It was very hard to leave her, but I had to get back for the mast cell shot on Tuesday. I have to give a big shout-out to @BippityBoppityBoo for her excellent advice. The pharmacist said some patients do better on hydrocodone even though it’s not as potent and also that treating my sister’s side effects more aggressively might help her overall, and both proved true.

I hope this isn’t TMI, but I think her nausea was due to constipation, the lovely universal gift from the opioids. Once we got that under control and switched her to hydrocodone, the nausea subsided. Thanks much for the recommendation for cannabis, but Louisiana has medical use only, and it would have taken time to get that. Would cannabis have helped when nausea was due to sluggish bowels? I did raise the topic, but she wasn’t interested. Maybe she watched Reefer Madness too many times. She’s not opposed to weed, just has never wanted to try it.

I’m wiped. The last time I had to get up every few hours with someone, that someone was a newborn. But I’m so glad I went–not a happy time, but a good time, if that makes sense.

I got news on my back. The MRI I had before I left showed spinal stenosis, “especially severe in the lower lumbar.” I hope that doesn’t mean cortisone shots wouldn’t be sufficient.

VanGo, I’m so sorry. Cinnamon was clearly a fine person and good friend in canine form. Dogs just don’t live long enough. {{{{VanGo}}}}

shoe, we’re your very real friends, and we care because you’re an endearing person. I hope you’ve picked up the pieces.

Good morning. Gotta go back to catch up. My neighbor that exposed me the Rona on Christmas Day died yesterday. He looked the picture of health and was probably in his early 60’s. So very sad.

My house is sold but the buyer beat me out of 25K. He’s gonna flip it and I know there are a few things needing doing like the bathrooms. I took it because I am not up to showings and open houses and keeping the place spit shined with being crippled. I called the orthopedic dr for an appointment and he’s just going to order the MRI without me having to go back. I hope that can happen by next week. I have not googled around about it much by my nurse neighbor says if it’s a torn ligament or tendon they do heal on their own but take a long time. I’ve been dealing with this over a month. All I do is sit with it propped. I even slept in the boot a couple nights. I take ibuprofen for inflammation and have really been doing everything I was told to try to get it better. I don’t need this right now.

Ok everyone I hope all are healthy or on the road to recovery. I shall return when I have read.

A common mistake.

Jeebus. I am so sorry.

This damn near made me cry. Thank you. I’m working on it.

Hugs to VanGo and to Shoe and everyone else needing one.

Mmooomm that is a tough situation. They don’t need to expose themselves as you know. Maybe **FCD ** can talk them into waiting…

Yup. She’s been doing it for over 40 years. People just keep throwing money at her.


On Wednesday I was in the bathroom and Gibbs was in the living room when I heard Bark! Bark! Bark! Thump. A minute later Gibbs came limping into the bathroom holding his left rear foot off the floor. We took him to the vet the next day and she said it wasn’t broke, just sprained, probably, but he’s still limping around and prolly will be for weeks. Also the vet thinks he may have Cushings disease. That would explain a lot. I hope we can get a definitive diagnosis so’s we can start treating him. Vinnie continues to go downhill. Sometimes he’s as frisky as his younger, puppy self, and sometimes he’s just not there. He wears a diaper all the time now. It doesn’t seem to bother him though.

We’re at the little house and Daughter Unit is here too and we’re sitting around drinking coffee. In a bit we need to get busy and unload the 2 pickups. My hands are still swollen and painful, but I’ll have to tough it out.

Also, both my cardiologists want me to have another echocardiogram, but I couldn’t get one scheduled before we have to change insurances, and doctors. I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate gummit bureaucracies.