Sunrise or sunset in the MMP?

Pretty straightforward question - do you like sunrise or sunset better? Answer in 500 words or less, double-spaced, and you lose points for spelling and grammar errors. :wink:

Happy Moanday!!

As for my answer - sunrise when at anchor in a quiet cove on a summer morning. Back in our sailing days, these were my favorite times - peaceful and serene. We’re hoping for more days like this now that we’ll be boating again.

First! Good to be juvenile it is!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 56 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 62 and partly N.O.S. for the day. The big item on today’s agenda is the house cleaner comes to spiff up the place. Sup shall be boxed lasagna (don’t judge!), sallit, and cheesey garlic bread.

I like sunsets the most. We like to have a cocktail whilst sittin’ on the back porch and watchin’ the sunset. Retired grumpy old men do stuff like that.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

We live pretty much in the middle of the city just below the eastern crest of a hill. We do not really have much of a western horizon to appreciate sunsets. Somehow the sun setting over the Marriott Reservations Call Center are less than romantic. The sunrises, especially through the late autumn and winter months, can be very beautiful through the bare trees.

Good morning. It’s currently 31 degrees with an expected high of 49 and of and on again rain.

I prefer sunrise, especially when I’m camping or in the summer. The birds are stirring, the coffee is good, and it’s just a peaceful time of the morning.

As always, work will be extremely busy. I keep hoping that there will be a lull, but things just seem to get busier and busier, no matter what.


Sunrise is nice- if I’m in bed. I’m not one of nature’s morning people.

Day 7 of sitting in boooored. Got some masks and test kits dropped off by one of the other students this morning (as it happens, she’s actually a career changing medical doctor, and about the only person at that party that didn’t get sick, so she’s been monitoring everyone); the most in-person interaction I’ve had in a week.

I swear my coursework is breeding- there seems to be more to do every time I look at it…

Mornin, all. I prefer sunset. Sunrises are usually too early in the morning. Plus, when driving to work I drive straight towards sunrise, it is quite annoying.

I dealt with this last week when going to pick up Toby - I think I may have run a red light because of being blinded… :flushed:

FCD is up - Off to the shower with me!

short shift, it’s cold, cloudy, and dreary. This part of the year really is The Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul.

But I digress. I prefer sunrises.Something about watching the start of a day filled with the illusion of promise, while drinking a cup of coffee.

You can have a cocktail at sunrise, too. It’s not like the boss is gonna sack you.

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s 7C/45F today, grey and dreary. We are currently confined to the house too, did our PCR tests on Saturday and dropped them into what Royal Mail alleged was our closest “priority mailbox” which is what you’re supposed to do with them…turns out they didn’t get collected until today. So not only have they been in a non-priority postbox all weekend, the samples will probably be unusable. But apparently we have to stay indoors until they tell us officially that the samples are crap.

Sunrise or sunset? Not sure on that one. I do like sunrise, but not if I’m driving into it. Sunset always makes me feel like I should be having a cocktail although these days sunrise happens between me waking up at stupid o’clock and the time I actually get up/leave the house, and sunset happens while I’m working so i don’t really see either of them.

Nothing much to report today, I am back at irk although not on campus (bonus, lack of commuting!) but I have so much to catch up on. Why is it that being off for a week longer than everyone else means I get over 1K emails?

:astonished: I have been remiss! :astonished:



Sunrises are becoming more important as I grow older because I realize I’ve survived another night.

Several days of good weather have perked my spirits. Got rid of a couple of chairs yesterday and a couple of large foam mattress toppers. The clearing of crap continues. I have a couple more large power tools to try to sell, and my woodworking bench, the deck furniture, and the front porch rockers; and then we’re down to smaller stuff to sort, sell, toss or give away. Then we have to tackle the books. :scream:

That’s a very hard choice - I love the sunrise but getting up for it in the winter sucks. So I’ll go with sunset, mostly because I can sit out on my back porch with my husband and a glass of wine, listening to the hummingbirds buzz and the tree frogs sing in the summer.

Today is bright and beautiful. Another day of waiting for the oncologist to call mom and schedule her appointment to discuss that option for slowing her cancer. Surgery carries a non-zero chance of cure, but it will just come back and likely faster than before. Chemo can slow or stop its growth temporarily and possibly make her more comfortable, but the question now is how long each option gives her and her quality of life with each. She can’t have both, though. The surgery will weaken her too much to have chemo. The chemo will weaken her too much to have surgery. I’ve told her any choice she makes is the right one. I don’t want her to hurt. This week scares the shit out of me.

Anyway, it’s my husband’s birthday today. Lava cakes will be eaten. Korean/Mexican fusion will be had. My gift to him was going to be a comedy show on Friday by his favorite comedian, but the virus is so bad here I don’t know that it makes sense. They won’t let you in the venue without proof of vaccination or a negative test, so maybe I’ll suggest he go and take a friend. Somebody’s gotta have a good night out.

On the bright side, overlyboy tested negative for COVID Saturday. Since he also had two exposures a day apart from each other we’re testing him again tonight so hopefully mom can come eat cake with us.

Morning all. Brain woke me up at 6:30am figuring 7 hours sleep was enough. Body hit brain with a hammer and wnet back to sleep until 9am. Yeah Body! Now need to do shop-n-sammich run for Moanday–at least the rain is gone and it’ll get to 45F today.

Tough choice, I really don’t pay special attention to either (except when the sun is in my eyes when driving), but my most special moment in my life’s travels was at sunrise so I guess I’d choose that.

{{talky}}. That’s a choice no one wants to make but most of us may face during our lives. Best to your Mom.

OK, need to dress appropriately for public and get things done. All y’all have a marvelous Moanday.

Happy Boo-day!


Why is today’s LFT positive line way stronger than yesterday’s- which was very faint? Line strength should indicate sample viral load, how has it gone up? I was hoping to start getting negatives by now… :frowning:

I don’t want to be stuck in here for longer than necessary- for a start, I’m almost out of acceptably clean clothes- there’s nowhere to wash 'em in the house, short of a bucket in the shower. That will help stop people coming within 2 metres, but still…

Sunrise for me, or even moonrise. Both come up over the mountains. Sunset is over some buildings. Can be colorful, but I often don’t notice it.

Today was my first working Monday of the year. And it was quite the Monday.

One of my coworkers was laughing. He might have been a touch hysterical. I guess this year will have even more interesting times.

Need to catch up on private emails, so off to a different tab.

Happy BBBoo Day!!!

Just back from FCD’s therapy. I managed to reschedule most of his sessions so I won’t be sitting in the car with Toby for an hour. Mostly we’ll be able to drop the kidlet off, then come back to the therapy center - they’re maybe a couple of miles apart.

Meanwhile, he’s having chili, I’m having his leftover Chinese poke and veggies from the other day. Then I’m heading out to patch the fence where the idiot neighbor dog comes in. We can do a proper repair in the spring, but I’ll dog-proof it for now.

Then, who knows? I still need to go to WalMart, but I might put that off till Weds. Depends on how I feel after fixing the fence.


Afternoon all. Shopping is done and Jersey Mike’s #3 is quietly digesting, so all is well is this part of the world. Have the space heater on so I don’t have to turn up the house heat as, hey, I can only be in one place at a time.

Happy Orbit Completion Day. BBBoo!

Nut, clean clothes are over-rated, IMHO…


groan, I feels ya. We’ve been in this house since '89. We’re still sorting. If you find a place to get rid of books please tell me. Our Goodwill doesn’t want them. Neither does the local bookstore.

Happy Birthday, Boo!

The only time I see a sunrise these days is when I have to be somewhere stupid early.
I’ve always been a night owl. Nothing about mornings appeals.
Plus, I spent way too many days getting up and driving to work in the dark, and then driving home in the dark. :roll_eyes:
What is it about being salaried that makes employers think it’s okay to make you work 10 hour days, and then, when you get caught up enough to slack off and take a deep breath, tell you to clean out your desk? :rage:
If I had it to do over again, I woulda become an electrician.

My best to your Mom, Talky. Our friend who has an inoperable brain tumor is going through the same thing. He was supposed to have left us months ago, actually. But anyway, we’ve been seeing and hearing about it from up close. It’s hard,

Y’all have a fabulous week.

Happy Birthday, Boo!

And thanks for the virtual hugs & sympathies, all - I’m trying not to be a whiny turd, but I did not sign up for this, and my mom sure the heck didn’t.

Anyway, the day is quiet (so far). Which is good.