Looking towards spring in the MMP

The days are gradually getting longer, and spring is creeping slowly towards the northern hemisphere. Surely that gives us something to look forward to.

What are you looking forward to? Near or farther future - do share some happy anticipation.

Mine is really near - a long weekend away starting this Firday. A little farther off - getting our boat ready for a season on the bay. Happy thoughts on a dreary winter day.

Happy Moanday!

It is low single digit temperatures here in flyover country. We are ready for spring.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 56 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 74 with rain off and on all day. The big excitatement of the day will be pickin’ up 'scripts at the pharmacy. Beyond that the usual sloth and general overall uselessness shall prevail. Sup shall be boxed lasagna (don’t judge!) sallit, and cheesey garlic bread.

I look forward to Summer. I am a Summer baby, plus have a cee-mint pond, so I lurve me some Summer!

From the last MMP… Nellie I am so sorry about VGD. I know he lived a happy and much loved life, but still your son and his wife are very sad today.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I’m looking forward to the return of warmth so I can visit with my friends outside. We’re still pretty COVID aware.

Good morning everyone. Up and on second cup of coffee from our new and improved real live Kuerig coffeemaker. We were using a cheap walmart imitation coffeemaker before. I can’t tell much difference, but I’m still regaining my sense of taste after my visits with Mr Covid and his BFF, Mr Sinus Infection.

Count me among the sympathizers wishing the best for you Nellie, regarding VGD and all the other [gestures wildly in all directions] umm, things. Wishing the best for you and kiddos.

It’s 25F w gusty NW winds today, and supposed to have sleet, wintry mix followed by a 60% chance of more sleet, and whatever “Winter Storm” means here in Tejas. I suppose my PT appointment will be cancelled, but who knows?

Son and Significant-Other-In-Law (what an acronym, right?) are both much better and sounded normal when talking with them yesterday. They had both flu and Covid simultaneously. They’re even talking about going back to work in a few days, assuming the swab says OK.

Spent the last few days trying to re-install the jib-crane in my new truck. Although the truck bed looks exactly the same as the old one on top, the manufacturer decided to add additional braces and structural members underneath. So all the angle-iron bracing originally cut for the crane can’t fit anymore. I’m trying to decide whether to cut and reshape the pieces myself, or just take it to the mechanic. Since we’re supposed to have 2-3 days of freezing precip and wind, I’ll have plenty of time to ponder this by the fire.

I’ve already reinstalled the bed cover and access ladder, figuring those should go first. Thankfully this truck won’t require that redneck-ish grill guard up front, as it was only necessary for the diesel. I’ll let the gearheads ponder that for a bit – there really is a reason unique to the diesel. I’m glad to be rid of it as I look Bubba enough in it already. (I bought it off the lot, and whoever ordered it added those “pretend I’m an 18-wheeler” running lights all across the roof – Egads).

Oh well, off to breakfast. Hope everyone has a good (and much better) week.

I’m looking forward to the lush growth of grass which our January deluges will hopefully bring forth. A few years of drought gave us meager spring growth in those years and I hope this spring will be different. If it is rich and green, we’ll take a drive down a rural route leading to Pinnacles National Park, and the drive will be far more scenic if there is grass, poppies and lupine.

The other admin person in my department texted everyone that she is going to be out this week with Covid, so I’m going to cover her desk in addition to my own. Not looking forward to that - she’s a paralegal and I’m a secretary, and I don’t have the knowledge that she does. But all the attorneys think I do and get miffed if I can’t do all her tasks. Too bad. I’m retiring in four months anyway and if they don’t like my performance they can fire me.

I just hope she didn’t give the plague to me last week.

Morning all. Last full day at home for almost 3 weeks, fly out to Miami tomorrow and then onward to Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, and on-ship to Antarctica. Got a lot of packing and final planning to do, mostly making sure I have everything I will need (I’ll still forget something, but nothing really critical). Fighting with one of my credit card companies now, it suddenly decided to lock my account because the same password I have been using for months suddenly is no good so I need to call them and probably sit on the phone for awhile.

Supposed to get to 61F today but only 44F and wet tomorrow, so wonderful travel day. On the other hand, Miami is supposed to be in the 80’s… Yeah, spring can come any day now. I’ll be coaching and refereeing soccer as I usually do from March until June.

nellie, read last week’s MMP and I am sorry for son’s and DIL’s loss of Very Good Dog.

lucky, it’s wonderful being a short-timer, isn’t it?? :blush: :smile: :smile:

yanker, my advice, if it isn’t to pricey, is to get the pieces reshaped by a professional with hopefully a warranty/guarantee of work. But you know your own capabilities better than I.

FCM, enjoy the hedonistic weekend!!!

-3F in MSP this morning, with enough breeze to drive wind chill down to about -20. I plan on remaining in our cave all day, if possible. Had a good visit with youngest son and granddaughters yesterday. The youngest girl is such a little waif.

Need to get caffinated. Have a good week, all.

Have a wonderful time in Antarctica! It’s a terrific place.

Good morning all. Weather wise, it already feels like late spring here in sunny Florida what with temperatures in the 70s and 80s all week. Sorry I have been a bit scarce again. Irk is irksome and sucks out my will to live, even in the evenings.

That being said. I do look forward to Wednesday evening which I spend with my folks, and my precious weekend, in which I don’t have to deal with irk. This Sabbath is also Sabbath school, which I always enjoy.

Ideally, I would like to get up to Ohio this spring, and celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday with her in person. I’m also looking forward to tax return, so maybe I can get my stupid tooth fixed.

I had a pretty good weekend, except I’m disgusted by my Bengals. But I can’t complain too much considering what we looked like at the beginning of the season. Extra hugs to nellie and y’all take a few for yourselves.

I’m so excited the days are getting a little longer; I’m really looking forward to those neon green new leaves sprouting from the forsythia and honeysuckle, and also not walking in the dark and cold every Tuesday and Thursday. I love the way the air smells in the spring. I don’t think we have a lot of plans per se, though I’m hoping to get in a few weekends here and there before our Big Summer Trip, but the air is so different and wonderful in spring.

We took overlyboy on his first college tour this weekend. It was fun and humbling at the same time. I can’t believe this kid who was once the size of a football is now getting ready to go to college, even if it’s not for another year.

Anyway, it’s a snow day today - it rained ice yesterday, glazing the streets and causing enough pileups throughout the city no one’s going anywhere. I’ve got a telehealth appointment with my neurologist in a few minutes - it’s very transactional. Never liked the guy all that much, but he makes sure I get my meds, which means no seizures. Every time I have an appointment I feel like I’m doing a sobriety test like they do on TV. Regardless, I love, love that I don’t have to go all the way downtown for it. And I can do it doing the workday and not have to take time off.

nellie, I just caught up and I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s VGD. Hugs to you and your family.

Looking towards spring in the MMP

On the other hand…

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s 7c/45f with a predicted high of 8c/46f, and cloudy. Weather app says “It’s the perfeft day for naps. Followed by more fucking naps.” That just about sums up my day since I called in sick today and have only just managed to get out of bed. My head is full of ick, my sinuses are blocked, and I cough, sniffing and sneezing.

On the plus side, the 3hr drive to the airport has changed, we can get a 4hr bus from here to London on Friday, stay overnight and get the first train to the airport on Saturday. Cheaper than petrol and parking, and avoids me driving in the dark on our worst 3 motorways.

I am looking forward to lighter travels and the appearance of the first spring flowers. I will be able to walk to the station through the park again soon, I have missed that!

**metal mouse ** enjoy the trip, I hope there will be lots of pics on the book of faces!

it is the morning after the party here in philly town. many people wearing eagles gear and flapping their arms. soon there will be pop up tables on the main trufares selling gear.

i remain calm yet wary. my neighbourhood gets the brunt of it if there is a victory parade.

Happy New Week!

First time back since I posted last week. I OD’d on figure skating and tennis and a couple Spartan basketball games.

The US should do well at the World Championships as each of the 4 disciplines have skaters who are capable of gold: Women-Isabeau Levito (Bradie Tennel and Amber Glenn are also capable of medaling); Men-Ilia Malinin (I’d like to say that Jason Brown would also be capable of medaling-he’s one of my very favorite figure skaters-but without a quadruple jump, it likely isn’t possible); Ice dance-Madison Chock & Evan Bates; Pairs-Alexa Knierim & Brandon Frazier.

In tennis as predicted the Sabalenka v Rybakina match was very high energy and well fought with Aryna Sabalenka winning her first Grand Slam tournament.

metalmouse Bon voyage!

nellie so sorry to read about the loss of VGD; hugs to you, son and his fam.

Besides watching copious hours of tv last week, went snowshoeing on Friday. A lot of fun but very energy sapping. Normally I sleep about 5-6 hours a night but Friday night I slept 9 hours.

Our daughter took Bella to the vet on Saturday for her annual checkup; she received a clean bill of health and was deemed a perfect patient. Looking forward to taking care of her in a few weeks while the kids go to the Dominican Republic for a destination wedding.

The only plan for today is to gas up the cars. Our grocery store gives points for each dollar spent then converts the points to 10% which can be used to reduce the price per gallon of gas. We have 1013 points remaining from December so this means we will get $1.00 off per gallon. So, we wait until both of our cars are down below 1/4 tank then gas both up at the same time; although points do not roll over another month so it’s use it or lose it. Also, it’s been snowing again this morning so I’ll have to shovel later, probably after we get back from the gas station.

As for what I’m looking forward to in the spring, my sister and I are doing a Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage in the Arc of Appalachia in southern Ohio in April. I’ve done the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage in the Smokies 3 times and loved the flora and hiking. It will be nice to see the flowers in a different location and as my sister said, Ohio is a lot closer than driving down to Gatlinburg TN.

Have a great day!

Afternoon (well, almost). Think I got the credit cards sorted out, got some emergency cash and ate out (don’t want to leave any dirty dishes behind. Doing the second and last load of laundry then I’ll start packing. Taxi has been booked for 7am tomorrow (9:30am departure and it’s a very small airport, so plenty of time, plus I have TSA pre-check).

Cat Glove, not much for figure skating and tennis, I admire their skills but not a huge fan, but great news that the US is developing such good skaters. Never been snowshoeing, just glad to live where that isn’t a requirement… Enjoy Southern Ohio.

rocky, get braced for the celebration…at least you have 2 weeks to prepare.

Boo fae, hope you feel better soon and concur, the bus/train/hotel will be better than the parking rates…I’m taking a cab to the airport, it’s $30-35 each way but compared to the $10-12/day parking rates…

talkie, hope the telehealth appointment goes better than expected and yeah, college tours are something for both parent and student…

OK, need to check if laundry is done or not. Take care all.

Single digits? Ha! I’ll be happy when it’s no longer negative.
And having it warm enough for the snow and ice to melt before the next snowpocalype? It will never happen.

Morning, all. Got my furnace repaired last week, so last night it was actually too warm to sleep comfortably. That may have been because all 4 cats were vying for a spot next to me so they could suck out my bodily warmth. In any case, the thermostat gets set 5 degrees cooler tonight. Predicted to get to near freezing, so the plants get moved under the eaves where they can get some radiated warmth from the house.

California still needs more water, so I’m hoping for a continuing series of storms throughout Feb. and Mar. Sorry about all of you who live under the white stuff, but we need water to make ice cubes for our drinks, you know?

Everybody have a safe, happy and warm week!

It was 11f when I woke up at around 7 this morning, so I did what any reasonable, retired drain on society would do, I went back to sleep. It’s 18f and sunny now. Supposed to get to 33f. We’ll see.

Sorry about son’s VGD, Nellie. Tell the family a bunch of imaginary friends send them hugs.

Do be careful on your trip Mr. Rat, and don’t get into any tango contests.

The big things that might happen here this spring are new windows and possibly new siding. Depends on what the contractor’s bids come in at. Windows for sure. Siding if it’s not too 'spensive. We need windows 'cause of the noise and the heating bills. We don’t need new siding. I wants it 'cause we’ve got shingles and they look like crap and are perfect homes for bugs, but they are doing their job of keeping the rain out.
Also this year I may put in a new shower surround. We’ll see.

I know there’s more, but I’ve forgotten, so Hugs, yays, boos, etc.

Have a Tom Terrific week.

I moved the hammered dulcimer into the living room and I thought I’d share some pics.
In its new home.
A little closer
And another detail - this thing is rough to dust:
And the other dulcimer - this one is going to the brother in Texas.

Didn’t I tell ya FIL did beautiful work in wood!

FCD went to talk to the people at the apartment where MIL wants to live. While he was there, he said 2 old ladies were hitting on him! He doesn’t know whether to be flattered or frightened! :rofl: