Looking towards spring in the MMP

Happy Moonday!

It’s a nice day today, 55 and N.O.S.

I got the brats off to daycare and Ripple got his stitches out, along with some more antibiotics and a powder. The tech told me to not get the powder on my hands if I can help it as it contains something, I forget what, that is not good for me.
Ripple was not a good boy today. He peed on the floor, something he has never done, and I had to go hold his head, as he was freaking out. His leash was wet, so I assume he dragged it through the pee.
He has an appointment with the oncologist on Wednesday.
It’s a little later in the day than I would like, I need to make arrangements for somebody to get Cerby and Echo if we can’t make it back in time.
If worse comes to worse; I can board them overnight. The daycare knows what’s going on and told me if I need anything to let them know and they will make it work for me.

I finally got through to Unemployment and the woman who helped me was very nice, and seemed to know what she is doing. It was a looooooong call, almost an hour. I tried to complete it online and couldn’t as the system wanted the day my son was to go back to irk, 4/19/22. However, it had to be after today’s date.
Anyway, she got it through, and he should have his money by Thorsday.
I hope we won’t be disappointed.
This Friday will be exactly one year that this mess started.

I am so sorry about VGD Nellie.

Very pretty and nice work by FIL, FCM

I’m looking forward to spring, and warmer weather.
Even though it’s nice today, it’s supposed to drop down to 12 degrees on Friday.
I’m hoping that by then the big things on my list will be done
The Estate
Roof Fixed

I hope you have a fun and safe trip MetalMouse
It sounds interesting.

Got my 3+ miles in, but I’ve been chopping wood and stuff the past week so my pace was off – under 3 mph. :frowning:

Now I’m back to irk. And I do mean irk. Last week, a member could not find an account they’re reporting, on the reported company’s credit report. I couldn’t find it either, so I sent a research request to Big Credit Reporting Company. I received a completion notice saying that we had not reported that company since January 2022. Only, I’d attached a spreadsheet showing the Customer and Aging records for that account. I wonder if they’d even looked at it? So now I’ve just sent a ‘Listen, Jerkwads’ email to them, suggesting they open the spreadsheet I’d originally sent. And the complete Aging and Customer files from the member (with account in question highlighted in both files). And the screenshot of the verification that I’d sent the files on the 6th, from Big Credit Reporting Company’s FTP site.

Back from the gas station and also the grocery store.
Hubs couldn’t get the points card to be accepted at Pump 1 so we went to a second pump. Pump 2 wouldn’t accept the points card either so we drove around to a third pump. After Pump 3 wouldn’t accept the points card, Hubs went to speak to the attendant who said that perhaps it was too cold for the scanner to read the points card and suggested that Hubs enter our phone number. That did the trick so we ended up saving $26.50 since Hubs pumped a total of 26.5 gallons into our 2 cars.

Then I went to the grocery store for 2 reasons. First, when I went yesterday, the blueberries that were purportedly on sale for $1.49/pint were out of stock; they only had organic blueberries for $5.49/pint. I passed. So went back to see if blueberries had been delivered (blueberries are my most favorite food!) and they were, so I picked up 2 pints. The second reason I needed to go was that after yesterday, we had 1,198 points so I needed to buy at least $2 worth in order that we could get $1.20/gallon off gas in February. Mission accomplished. :slight_smile: Hubs wanted me to get some veggie cream cheese and I asked him if he could wait until Wednesday so that the purchase would count toward the next month’s points. He said ok so I’ll be back at the grocery store on Wednesday.

Almost all the snow had melted by the time we returned home so I only needed to clear snow off the front porch and steps.

Now sloth shall ensue until I have to make dinner which will be fettucine alfredo with chicken and snap peas w/ shallots.

sari I don’t think Ripple was not a good boy; he was just a bit traumatized so not in his right mind. I’m sure he was as good of a boy as he was capable of being under the circumstances.

FCM those are beautiful instruments. do you often play?

I generally don’t mind the white stuff. It’s fun to make snow angels, snowmen, snowforts, have snowball fights, downhill ski, cross-country ski, sledding, tobagonning, snowshoeing, hiking, have as base for a backyard ice rink. I don’t do much of that anymore but have done all of it at some time in my life. I like having 4 seasons.

I’ve never played either of these. I used to play guitar before arthritis invaded my fingers. I played accordion as a kid, and I taught myself a little piano. If can get it tuned, I hope to learn the hammered dulcimer.

It’s been lazy here, but I get the kid again tomorrow. Counting down to Firday.

doggio, like nellie, we got to have our throats blessed during mass on St. Blaise’s day. Not a bad thing in mid-winter Great Lakes weather.

nellie, sympathy and hugs to you, your son and DIL on VGD’s passing. I’m glad that they gave him a good ending.

yank, would the extra support on the new truck handle your attachment? If so, sounds like a cutting torch may be your new best friend. Glad your son and partner are improving.

Bon voyage metal mouse!

Your FIL did beautiful work Moooooom. I would love to try out the hammered dulcimer. It’s quite a bit larger than most that I’ve played.

I’m looking forward to warmer weather and longer days this spring. Right now, it seems like everytime I go outside, it’s dark.

Back in the saddle today. It wasn’t bad, all in all. I am losing my lead though. It’s for an acting role upstairs, but she’ll likely be offered the position when it comes open. I’m going to miss her.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Howdy Y’all! I picked up my ‘scripts and then went to the cheap grocery sto’ to get some Diet Poopsies which were on sale. After all that exertion I really need nappage. We also staved off scurvy and malaria with a couple of gin 'n tonics out on the back porch. Sup has been et and chillage continues.

Yanker glad your son and the SOIL are feelin’ better. I say let a pro do the installation. Sounds to me like this could be the kind of job where the exchange of money is a good thing.

lucky ain’t it great to be a short timer! Hope your co-irker did not give you the plague.

MetalMouse sounds like you are all prepared for the big adventure. Have fun with the penguins!

Cookie inside sounds like the place to be for you today.

Pearl hope you get enough of a return to fix the toof.

Talky college tours are both excitin’ and scary. I know it’s hard to believe overlyboy will be doin’ the college thang soon. Hope the telehealth appointment went well.

BooFae hope you feel better soonest. Yay on the alternate plan for transport!

rocker hope the celebration does not get too out of hand if’n it happens.

kitten yay for Bella! Yay also for cheap gas.

Bumba we had new windows installed in da cave four years ago. It did make a difference on the power bill over the original windows. Plus, the new windows really look good.

MOOOOOOM the hammered dulcimer is beautiful. Now someone needs to learn how to play. Funny about FCD. Tell him he’s cougar bait.

sari glad Ripple got his stitches out. Hopefully the daycare place will accomodate as they said if you need 'em. Yay on the unemployment situation. Hope the money is there soonest.

FlyBoy sounds like one of those times when repeatin’ the mantra “it all pays the same” may be called for.

@The_Stainless_Steel_Rat can you PM your FB name so’s I can look at pictures? I hope you have a wonderful adventure!

It’s NINE DEGREES. Fortunately no wind to speak of. I spent 3 hours with Ariel. I brought her in early and she had pre-hay hay. That’s the hay I buy her as a treat, so she got that before the barn hay. I wasn’t cold til I got home. Dinner was potato crusted cod and a salad with bacon. Yum.

Evening all. About 90% of the packing is done, almost forgot to pack shirts (that would have been a problem), now I just have to sit back and figure out what I’m forgetting. Alarm is set for 6am, so I’ll be turning in early. Managed to get the car in with minimal gas in the tank, so I know what one of the first things I’ll have to do when I get back.

wet one, PM sent. Probably nothing much for awhile, but if you scroll down you can see my Alaska pictures from last year…and 9F is COLD!

red, sorry your lead is leaving, any chance they’ll pick you to replace her?

FCM, those are beautiful instruments, probably worth a pretty penny; hope you can learn them.

Cat Glove, I have something like that with my Kroger Card, usually it’s only .03/gallon, sometimes if I’ve been active it goes up to 0.10/gal. I like your deal better.

Flyboy, hope they have sunscreen for that burn you gave them.

Sari, glad you encountered competence and money is coming.

Bumba, like the musical group Genesis, I Can’t Dance… And be sure to shop around for windows, prices (at least down here) can vary greatly.

OK, last run around the internet and then finish the packing (except for the bathroom stuff I need tomorrow morning). Will write again when I am able.

I probably shouldn’t have been snarky, but it’s Monday.

Also, an Account Executive was giving me flack today. My former boss warned me about her, saying she’d try to put everything on me. She’s (the AE) the kind of person who has to dominate conversations, and she always wants other people to do stuff for her.

I’m ready for some wine.

So relatively busy heave today, still dealing with the late air on Saturday. Which was apprently caused by smoke in the cockpit on an inbound air flight Friday. My favorite part of spring was always not freezing my buttocks off when the dog wanted to go out. :guide_dog:


I watched a little of that. Fun fact: one of the Carolina Hurricanes former players was a figure skater, and could do a single axel in full hockey gear.

When I was little, I thought it was ‘finger skating’. (Also, Popeye was ‘Pie-Pie’, and soap operas were ‘soap boppers’.)

doggio Your competitor fell down on the job today. “Out for delivery” my ass.

I need the stuff they were supposed to deliver. I can’t make my prototype thingies without it.

flyboy heh, soap boppers. That’s funny.

Oh y’all, after the misery of the migration to discourse and Cecil’s long hibernation, plus my own loss of the devices that held my long-forgotten log-in credentials, I’ve finally gotten myself together to rediscover the joys of the SDMB MMP. I’ve missed you guys so much.

Please accept the virtual hugs, commiserations, congratulations, rueful chuckles of sympathy/empathy, and awkward happy dance moves that I meant to offer during these times.

Meanwhile, it’s cloudy and humid and 53 degrees Fahrenheit here in SE Jawja, after a rainy weekend, and my dogs are quite spoiled and not very bright, and I missed y’all so much!

im ready for spring … I’ll be glad february is over also …

my condolences since it seems not to have been a good month for the MMP pet population …

metal mouse I hope you have a great vacation and don’t freeze and take some penguin pics if ya can …

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

Sounds familiar. Welcome back!

Morning all. I always wake up to early on a travel day, was up at 4pm (taxi isn’t due until 7am), so will get one more note in. Probably will heat up the house and take a good bath before final checks since I have the time. Otherwise I think I’m good to go.

Take care all, don’t know what connectivity I’ll have, but I’ll try to stay in touch,

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 58 Amurrkin out with a DENSE FOG ADVISORY in effect because it’s (DUH!) foggy out and with a predicted high of 73 and cloudy for the day. Today is laundry day. The excitatement abounds! Other than that it shall be the usual sloth and general overall uselessness. We shall celebrate Taco Tuesday for sup. Tacos, all the fixin’s, Mexican rice and beans shall comprise the menu. Fartfest to follow.

MetalMouse have a safe and wonderful trip. Post if you can, but if not, guess we will see you in about three weeks. You will be awful tired havin’ been up since four p.m.

{{{Peaches}}} :: tacklehug :: welcome back! How’s tricks over in southeast Jawja? Spoiled and not bright doggies are Mumper favorites along with spoiled and not bright kittehs. Come back and play some more.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Good morning, folks.

Welcome Peaches!

So, I’m sitting here, having my coffee. Trying not to worry too much about hubs. I have no idea how to not worry. Anyway, his cardiologist says his heart is only pumping at 35% He’s now on all sorts of pills. He wasn’t feeling bad at all, considering the cardiologist telling him he’s about dead, other than being a tiny bit tired.
He’s got to go to Indy, if UHC approves it, to get some sort of test that they don’t have in the Terre Haute area. It’s to see if his heart can be restarted, if they have to do open heart surgery. If not, then he’ll have to have a defibrilator installed, if UHC approves that. I’m worried absolutely sick over it all. Maybe I can lose some weight, with all the worry-puking, and such. Ugh. So, yeah. I’m stressed. I love him so very much. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I just don’t know. If he has to get a defib., he won’t be able to drive a truck, anymore. So, he’ll have to get another job, if he’s able. I don’t know. It’s just one worry after another.

As for things around the hovel, it’s not too bad. I need to rollsuck, and fold laundry. I have one more load to get into the washer, and one load to dry. After they’re done, that’s where the folding part comes in. Joy. I need to put away dishes, too. I got them all washed last night, thankfully. Out of my way!

I don’t know what dinner will be, but, if I have my way about it, it’ll be burgers. Maybe franks. I have keto buns for both, so, it doesn’t matter.

It’s a cool 9F, currently. It’ll be getting up to around 24F, later today. It’s supposed to be sunny, too. So, there’s that. It’s not like it’ll help matters.

Today is the last day of January. It seems like it dragged by.

{{{nona}}} - how terrifying for you! Fingers crossed for the best possible outcome. Stay strong!

Peaches! Welcome back!

Daughter texted me at stoopit o’clock (tho it didn’t wake me) that Roxy has a fever and SIL has jury duty. So he’ll drop off Tobias before heading to Leonardtown and she’ll stay home with Roxy. I messaged her that if Roxy starts feeling better, I’ll go over there so Daughter can at least get a partial day of work. Or if SIL isn’t chosen for a jury, he’ll come get Tobias from me. So today is all up in the air.

We’re supposed to get rain all day on top of that. And I had a terrible time falling asleep - over-caffeinated myself yesterday so I was still awake as 1AM approached. I know better, but I wanted that Diet Coke at Salsa’s, and its refill. Not my best choice.

Slowly but surely, FCD is getting things tied up. Yesterday, he went to MIL’s bank to get his dad’s name off the account. The sale of the house should close on Feb 17, and as soon as the proceeds show up, he’ll be setting up an account for his brother’s share of the inheritance, since that’s one of MIL’s primary concerns. BIL will get a monthly payout that FCD will manage. We’ll be talking to our money guy about the best short-term returns we can get on the funds without tying them up.

Meanwhile, life insurance and pension and health insurance have all be tended to. And once the house sale is over, that will be that. Until the senior apartment opens up and we have to move MIL.

And this has gotten me thinking that we need to give Daughter POA and medical POA just in case. So once the dust settles, we’ll head back to see our lawyer. Mortality can be a pain in the patoot.

Keep a happy thought! Happy Tuesday!

Good morning everyone.

It’s currently 29 degrees with an expected high of 42 and cloudy skies. We might see a few snow showers around 7:30 this morning.

nellie, I’m so sorry about VGD.

Safe travels, metal mouse!

Your FiL did beautiful work, FCM. I’m glad that things are drawing to a close with all the legal stuff for the in-laws.

nona, that all sounds very scary. I hope everything works out for the best and that your husband can continue his career.

I had to take the day off work yesterday. I just felt like utter crap and my stomach was giving me fits. I was in no shape to go to the office, and once I thought about it, I wasn’t going to do myself any good trying to “power through” it while working from home. I’m still feeling oogy, but better than yesterday. To be safe, I’m going to work from home today and make up my in-office day tomorrow.

I know there was more, but I haven’t been able to retain it all.

I hope you all have a terrific day.