The days are getting longer in the MMP

Still a month till the Vernal Equinox, but I am enjoying the later sunset time hereabouts. For one thing, night driving is an issue for me, so I’m getting a little more time to go places later in the day if I have to. And while I’ve not suffered from SAD, I do like daylight hours better.

I don’t think I’d like living where the sun hardly sets in the summer, or where winter is eternally dark.

In other news, it’s another week, a federal holiday in the US, and pretty much the end of February. Can spring be much farther away?

Happy Moanday!

First! I am much the same, I don’t like night driving either so any extra daylight is a bonus for me. Also, I am out of the house relatively early in the morning, and not home until after sunset at the moment so it’s good to get the beginnings of daylight as I’m walking to the station on the first part of my morning commute.

We have survived Storm Eunice without too much damage…today we have Storm Franklin instead! Weather warning in my area until 1pm. Certainly doesn’t look or feel like spring out there :frowning:

Good morning everyone. Up early and working through my physician-mandated amount of coffee. Trying to savor it and make it last (ain’t old age great?).

As a retiree, not much planned beyond taking ye olde RV to the tire store for new shoes. Tires look fine, but for this type of vehicle, age is more important than wear, and I have no desire to re-acquaint myself with jacks and wrenches alongside a busy highway. Some lessons stick with you.

Other than that, just making sure we’re ready for the horrifying nuclear-bomb-cyclone-tornadic-life-threatening-massive-total-freeze-which-will-threaten-all-sentient-life-and-put-45-million-people-at-risk weather that our TV is shrieking about. (Translation - a small cold front with a very remote chance of sleet). I bravely ventured out and placed the faucet covers over the hosebibs.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 48 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 79 with rain/tstorms/apocalypse for the day. Looks like the cataclysmic end of the world will start around noon. Tonight is men’s night over to the church house and that is the big planned activity of the day. Hopefully the rain will have slacked off by then.

I like that the days are gettin’ longer and the temp is gettin’ a little warmer. I am ready for Summer.

BooFae glad you survived the storm. Hope the one on the way is not too bad.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

The weather is indeed icky today- the wind is howling, and it certainly seems windier than during Eunice, despite that getting much more attention. I suspect this storm is less considered, because it’s hitting further North, therefore less important. We’ve got a bit of fence blown down, but it was a bit rotten anyway. I was supposed to be calf wrangling again later- they need weighing every few days- but it’s been put off because it’s so windy.

I tookthe weekend off from doing anything sensible, but now I kinda need to get on with organising my Big Project, and maybe get started on… ugh… the really really boring essay for the stoopit module.

Oh, that was pretty funny for the stoopit module; we get asked to leave ‘anonymous’ feedback for every module we do. I always do, and, well, that one was a bit cathartic, let’s put it that way… I wasn’t unnecessarily mean, and I did say there was nothing wrong with the actual teaching, just shredded the content as completely irrelevant. On Friday, I bumped into the module leader, who had absolutely worked out who had written it. That was a bit of an awkward conversation…

Mentioned briefly in last week MMP but it was late Sunday night (warning: stealth brag ahead) that I had an, um, gentleman caller last night. Much cuddling ensued. Go ahead - clutch thy pearls!

Already made plans for a repeat, ah, performance tomorrow evening.

Suddenly there’s a spring in my step & a smile on my face.
I suspect he’s more into me than I’m into him, to be brutally honest, but this was something I sorely needed.

I’d never have known if it weren’t for this post.

Mid-40s and rainy today, predicts the oracle.

Oh, the trash truck just came by. Such excitement in the 'hood!

Mornin’ all. I have a light day to start a busy week. Alls I’m doing today is hanging some pot racks at the bar and showing a client how I’ll be building their large signs. Then perhaps to order a shitload of plywood.

shoe Consider my pearls clutched. Go you!

Just to brighten your morning - my spawn and her spawn (my grandspawn?)

And I’m still sitting here in robe and slipper, because I can, because I’m retired! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Day All. As I sit at my computer looking east out my back door I can see that sun is starting to come back into view out the right side of my patio door. Definitely some movement as it hasn’t been in my eyes since November.

Today I start going back to the office on a part time basis. Enough of sitting at home and not getting any separation between work and home. Its been a good two year run but I am finished with it.

Time to take the trash out myself.

So we ran out of work after 2 hours. Ouch. At least I get a longer nap this morning. And somebody already had his anti-Invisible Mole freakout while I was in the shower.

[Johnny]And Leon’s getting larger![/Johnny]

“I’ll show you my snake, if you show me yours”
{Monty Python]nudge, nudge, wink wink[/Monty Python]

I bet shoe could help you with that. :wink:

Welcome, Friend!
I took the trash out at 0dark30.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

FCD is up and showered and dressed. Guess it’s my turn now do wash away the crud and done semi-respectable clothing…tho my only plans involve laundry. Yeah, the exciting life of retirement.

Morning all. Slept till close to 7am, so hopefully no nappage today. Need to do the routine shop-n-sammich routine and make up missing gym time later today, before the rain starts about 2pm.

FCM, great pic. And I like the sun staying around later in the evening, waking me up earlier isn’t so cool…

shoe, glad the cuddling was nice; ummmm, not Inappropriate Crush, was it??

Nut, yeah, I’ve had those conversations before; sometimes what we write show folks more of us than we think.

No. Jeebus, MetalMouse he’s 19, less than half my age; they’d send me to prison or something!

Nah, decided I needed the company of people closer to my own age.

Still gonna enjoy the scenery, of course, once InCrPoo gets back from 'Rona quarantine. Flirt shamelessly, etc.
Gotta keep work interesting somehow.

Good idea. I had belts break when I was 90 miles down the interstate. Luckily, the tire didn’t come apart and I was able to limp home. Every 5-6 years is good for an RV, especially if it sits for long periods. I just had mine replaced again last year, even though they had plenty of tread on them.

Continuing the slog towards our move. I’ll try not to bore y’all with it too much.

We’re dropping back down below freezing at night for the rest of the week; might even get a snowflake or two.

Pretty sure 19 is legal in any jurisdiction, Mrs. Robinson. :wink:

Good morning everyone.

It’s currently 35 degrees and damp outside. We’ve got a modified arctic air blast from the Frasier River Valley working its way down the state. There is no snow here, but apparently, the roads are white in Johnny’s neck of the woods. It’s supposed to remain cold through Thursday and then start warming up again.

So, I’m a bit strange I guess because I don’t mind the mornings are dark and that the evenings are dark. I think this speaks more to my hermit ways than anything. Extended daylight means more people out and about and making noise. While I don’t mind hearing children play, I do mind 9 solid hours of shrieking. There’s a neighbor somewhere in the neighborhood who has girls that literally scream all the time. Yes, kids yell when they play and that’s fine; I mean full-on screaming. It’s annoying as hell. An occasional shriek of mock fear or whatever game they’re playing is fine, but the constant screaming is just ridiculous. Other neighbors, including those with children, have complained also, so it’s not just me being curmudgeonly.

When I have to drive to the office, I leave so early that it’s dark whether it’s summer or winter. Fewer people are on the road, and I really don’t mind that drive. The drive back during the daylight hours is horrific and I abhor it.

Good on you for some social activity, shoe!

Glad the storm damage wasn’t worse for both boofae and nut.

As has been noted, today is a federal holiday. Laundry must be done because I never got it done yesterday. I will commence kitchen clean-up in just a bit. My husband is a horribly messy cook and crap on the counters drives me crazy. Also, he got starchy rice water all over my stovetop and I need to get it off. I have a glass top, so will be breaking out the Cerambryte. I break that out about once a week to keep the stovetop looking new.

I woke at 3:00 am today, but went back to bed and then kept waking up 30 minutes. Gave up at 5:30 which really is staying in bed late for me. Maybe I’ll actually get a nap in today. Somehow I doubt it though.

Oh, I knew he’d work out it was me- I’ve actually left comments on previous ‘anonymous feedback’ forms pointing out how not-anonymous it was. The forms require one to select the course and if it’s full-time or part time- that selection narrows it down to precisely me for most modules, and me plus one other person for others. I also made it even more obvious by some of the wording I’d used, by referring to other parts of the course.

I just didn’t expect him to admit he knew who’d written it, let alone start a conversation with me about it. I’m fairly sure they’re not supposed to do that.

Get the smelling salts, shoe! I have the vapors.

FCM, I love your pictures - they’re adorable!

I am the only one in the household who has to work or go to school today; this makes me quite miffed. Doubly so because I couldn’t fall asleep last night until nearly 2 a.m., and everything hurts after my daughter took me through one of her usual swim practices at the Y yesterday. Also, it’s supposed to be a gorgeous nearly-70 F, which would be perfect for a long, long stroll outside. I think I’ll skip lunch hour (not that I get one) and go for a walk later. Gotta get out before the storms tomorrow. I also need to re-pot the plants in the planter I was gifted when my dad passed; they’re lovely and growing like crazy.

Random story: when my grandmother died, mom was given a peace lily from her funeral arrangements. My mom brought it home and re-potted it. After a while, she noticed that anytime one of her close friends died or a family member passed, the thing would bloom, and that’s the only time it would bloom. I’m sure it was coincidence, but it freaked her out, so she tried everything she could to kill it - didn’t water it, put it in direct sun, or no sun at all. (I don’t condone that; I hate killing plants. It just seems wrong). Anyway, the thing continued to bloom anytime a friend or family member died until she finally threw it out.

My own little pot isn’t doing so hot - they’ve grown so much they’re squished. So I shall have to make a tar-jay visit this week.

Yeah, but for me, the thought of getting involved with someone young enough to be my child, or old enough to be my parent, is just < shudder > Can’t speak for shoe, tho, and the workplace aspect should not be ignored.

I’m pretty sure FCD would be upset if I wanted to start dating someone… :open_mouth: but even in the unfortunate circumstance that would find me single again, one of my main criteria would be age - like within about 5 years of mine. I know people make successful relationships and marriages with substantial age differences, but I know that wouldn’t work for me. Which is why it’s in my best interest to keep my sweetie healthy as long as I can! I’m too old to train another. :wink:

Laundry is started. It’s mild enough out that I hung the baby’s changing pad on the line, since it can’t go in the dryer. FCD is running some errands. I pulled a bag of pulled poke out of the freezer for supper. So some stuff is getting accomplished.

Speaking of named storms, apparently we may have a Hurricane Tobias this season, if it’s active enough! :rofl:

Morning, all. Hope everybody is prepared for the polar vortex most of us are going to experience over the next couple of days. We are under wind advisory today, with rain tomorrow and a healthy chance of snow after midnight Wednesday morning. Like my 1st period students didn’t have enough trouble getting to school on time already!

The new toilet works like a champ, but it needs a new seat because the stock one is too flimsy. So a Home Depot run is in order for a soft-close seat sometime today.

shoe - I am shocked, shocked I tell you that there was kanoodling going on! OTOH Pixel strongly approves.

No school today, so my weekly “Afternoon Beers w/Paul” has turned into “Lunch w/Paul over Beers.” Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

Stay warm and dry, peeps! Winter isn’t finished with us yet.