Fall into a MMP

First?:stuck_out_tongue: And it’s October, and slightly chilly so it feels fall like.

Talk amongst yourselves

Definitely chilly - probably what slowed the blood and brain of the moron ahead of me on the road doing 10MPH BELOW the speed limit. Lucky for him he turned off about 4 miles along. But it was a LOOOOOOOONG 4 miles.

Other than that, I’m up, in the office, and ready to rock. Go me!

Happy Moanday!

Cold up here, too.

Finishing breakfast, getting ready to head out to Evil Hospital’s badge office and then to new irk.

Yup, I think it might be time to retire the lightweight, summer blanket for the spring/fall one.

It dropped into the 40s overnight again, but I left the windows open this morning because we’re promised mid-70s this afternoon.

**FCD **is on his way home. He left Ocala around 3:30 and he called me from the South Carolina welcome center. I hope he doesn’t fall asleep on the road… :eek:

Not fall in North Ali-bama. Did get into the 70’s over the weekend, but due to be back in the mid-80’s all week here. We may get some fall sometime in November…

Up at 0530, managed not to mow the lawn or do my shopping yesterday (did put the shopping list together) so those chores are “to do” today.

Woke up to the horrific news in Las Vegas, which kid of puts a damper on the day. Don’t think we have a regular MMP’er out there, if so, hope they check in.

All y’all be careful.

Autumn is my favourite season, and October my favourite month.
*or “favorite,” if you prefer that spelling.

No – another Dope thread. I totally avoid FB as much as possible. FCM mentioned that her FIL blew off the tip of his finger ages and ages ago with a home-made cannon. I have many/several extended cousins who have blown off things with home-made ordinance including several in the right age range. I doubt it ----- in my clan I would probably know if we were related. But the possibilities are interesting.

Chilly but its going into the mid/upper 70s again starting today for a while. I need to get some paint on steel posts today (clothes line poles) but I’ll need to wait until the sun hits them and warms them up.

I like yours although I am well known for almost always using “theatre”. Good Lord — I may be fluent in Canadian!!! :wink:

You’re not; otherwise, that would be, " I may be fluent in Canadian, eh!!!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and well up. Stoopid sinuses are killin’ me today. ‘Tis 64 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 84 and mostly cloudy for the day but no rain predicted. I doubt I will accomplish much of anything. Went to bed with Ben last night and slept pretty good. I woke up this mornin’ around six and was miserable. Stuffy nose, haidache, sneezey, ick! I went back to sleep until nine and I’ve taken a daytime allergy med. I do have a poke roast in the slow cooker. I have sweet N.O.T. to bake and make some baby lima beans for suppin’. I think I can manage that. Normally I’d spiff da cave but stirrin’ up dust does not seem a wise thing to do.

No Fall in southwest Jawja yet. Temps in the mid to upper 80s all week. Like MetalMouse said, maybe it’ll show up by November.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I feel almost normal today. I think ,maybe I am getting used to no children around on a daily basis. No school day schedule to work around. Altho’ I miss the lil’wrekker like crazy! She seems happy, she has a tendency to be down on herself, sometimes, so I keep watching for that. No worries yet. She auditioned for the choral group and a theatre production , She got both! Don’t know how she can do both, tho’! And, monies will be paid into her scholarship account , for these activities, YAY!! Happy day ,y’all!

Lunch break!! :smiley:

**FCD **called around 11. He had just gotten to NC. According to his GPS, he should get home between 4 and 5, depending on traffic. I had to yell at him and tell him to get some food. For a smart guy, he can be such a dummy about some things.

I was especially nice - I saved the last 2 pieces of punkin pie when he told me he might be coming home today.

BLURF No fall weather here. Hotter than Hades. And it will be hot until probably mid December.

Swampy the last time I went to GA this time of the year I though I would die from the allergies and sneezing and carrying on. I promised myself I would never visit again in Oct.

I have a doctor’s appointment at two p.m. Glad they call with reminders. Of course it’s on my calendar and all that good stuff but still nice to have that reminder. I am dressed and cruisin’ teh intartoobz until time to go.

Happy mid-Moanday! Halfway though!

The weather was cool and lovely last night, so I slept with the windows open. I know better than that – no open windows until after the first freeze, or suffer the pain of ragweed allergies! My eyes are puffy and red. Sexxay! Good thing I’m working from home.

Back is feeling better from last week’s injection, but I’ll probably need a second one. I’m about 50% better, which is a lot.

Have a great one!

I iz all digital now. Bob, the AT&T dude, was here. Now I have faster Intertubz and my phone comes through the inner webs. It’s cloudy, breezy, and maybe on the 70s. Supposed to be 80 tomorrow, then into the 60s. High mold count so everyone is snuffling and sneezy.

Las Vegas. ������

Back from the doc. I have a couple follow-ups later in the month and early November and probably will be attacked by the vampires next Moanday. We shall see.

Lawn mowed, grocery shopping complete, life is good.

Sunny, Vegas has been mentioned in the thread a couple times, but perhaps many (me too) don’t want to speak of it here (IMHO). I’ll respect that.