Falling Into The MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 74 Amurrkin out and clear (true, I see the moon and stars!), with a predicted high of 92 and possible rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon. TWPTB said that yestiddy but it didn’t happen. Been a pretty dry September round these parts. Today is defilthyfy da cave day. Rah. We shall sup upon beastloaf, mac 'n cheese (homemade even), lima beans, carrots, and cornbread. I be in cook mode today apparently.

OK, so as to the topic, I am told now that it is officially Fall. HAH! It’s more like August in September here. Seriously. We had a relatively mild August and a wet one. A lot of days in August had highs only in the mid to upper 80s. This month highs have hovered low to upper 90s with big time heat indices. So where is Fall? Then again I am in the southern USofA where Fall is usually just second Summer. Anybody experiencin’ anything that looks like Fall? Feel free to discuss and/or hijack as is your wont.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

W00T! First!

It’s starting to feel like fall. Or at least feel like a milder summer.

Up, caffeinated, off to work.

Good morning everyone.

I’m getting ready for the last full workweek of my life (hopefully). I negotiated a change with HR last month, and my new workweek is MTW. I will be part time and 40% retired, I guess. Looking forward to all weekends being 4 day affairs now.

My new slogan: “Wednesday is the new Friday”. :slight_smile:

72F here in the DFW area, and the rain is finally gone. Some areas got over 8 inches this weekend, and our local lake has risen a foot already. Hope everyone has a good week.

Thank goodness it’s very fall-like here. It literally dropped 15 degrees overnight at the end of last week. It’s currently 58F.

Today after work I have an appointment with the sleep medicine doctor. It’s just a basic follow up from my sleep study, but I have high hopes that maybe he’ll be the one to figure out why I’m tired all the time.

I’m hoping that this week is better than last.

Yesterday was rainy all day and it didn’t get out of the 60s. Similar weather promised today, but mid-80s return by Weds, so I don’t know if it’s really fall here or not. All I know is the windows have been open at home and I’m loving it!

Baby Engineer is gone for 2 days - he and the other young 'un are in Tampa inspecting something that’s about to be shipped to us. And I may need a new name for him, unless I refer to the 2 newest as Zygote Engineers… :smiley:

Happy Moanday!!

Happy Moonday!

It’s cool and dark outside.
I miss the early sunrise and I hate that the days are getting shorter.
However, the cooler weather is nice.
The leaves haven’t started changing yet, so for me it’s not fall until they do.

I’m still coughing all the time and living on cough drops.

Today I have to devil the eggs I cooked yesterday, and make the shrimp I took out of the freezer the day before.
We have to put the curtains back up.

I changed my irk hours to start an hour later and I woke up too early anyway. I see a nap coming sometime this afternoon.

Yesterday’s lesson was all about Timothy Leary, acid, psychedelic rock, concept albums, the Beatles and the Beach Boys.

Do we have a padded floor? I don’t wanna fall anywhere that doesn’t have a padded floor.

Although these jeans are going to the trash tomorrow night anyway… nah, I do like my knees unhurt. Padded floors!

**Nava **- I’m pretty sure the MMP is a padded room. If it’s not, it should be!!


Morning. Nothing Fall like here yet. Still blazing hot.

I must go to the store today. Need to procure fruit and the makings for Sketties.

Happy Moanday all!

Fall; that time of year for windbreakers and slowly watching the leaves turn color. Yeah – we don’t have that any more. Now its more like 60 one day and 80 the next and snow the third. And the leaves just go brown all in a week and fall. I miss a lot of things at my age but the one I miss the most is having four clear seasons.

My ears have been totally plugged all weekend. I’ve tried various medications, nasal sprays, steamy air… nothing. I think it may be an infection, so I’m going to get it checked out at the on-site clinic today. We’ll see what that’s all about.

This is the week we get our furnace! Finally! By the end of the day Friday, we’ll have wonderful heat pumping through the house. Which is good timing, since it’ll be a high of 55 on Friday…

It’s the kind of morning when your first thought, after flinging back the covers is “Where the hell are my sweatshirt!”

House is 70, the great beyond is 57

Time to switch the shrine of A/C to the shrine of Heat…

Fall; the most miserable time of the year! Skool, shorter days, lower temps, which means long pants & sweatshirts/jackets. 30° temp swings between morning & afternoon & soaking wet grass in the morning. Falling leaves (dangerous when they’re on the ground, either wet on roads or hiding rocks on the trails) & then ‘dead’ trees :mad: :mad: :mad:
…& it also means we’re officially no more than 2.3 days from the start of the non-stop Christmas season. :mad:

I wore my first long sleeve shirt to irk in months today (polos in Summer). Black, because it’s the color of mourning; well that & it was on top. :wink:

I went to get out of the car at the Ac-a-me yestidy & the button broke on my shorts. It didn’t pop; the threads holding it were still intact, the plasticy button actually cracked in two. W/o a button, the zipper (& therefore the shorts) wouldn’t stay up. Luckily I had a new pair of warmup pants in the back of the car, I grabbed them to change in the car but then the people who owned the car next to me came out & started putting their groceries away so I had to sit & wait a few minutes until they left. :mad:

May I suggest the Trammps “Disco Inferno” as the first song of your new furnace. :cool: (Unless someone has a better suggestion.)

What?!?!? The thermo is set to <Off>, no need for A/C but it’s not November, let alone October; no way in 'ell the heat is turned on.

I felt a cool breeze when I walked down to the mailbox a few minutes ago. Perhaps that is a harbinger of Fall. :smiley: In other news, da cave is mostly spiffed. Need to mop the bathrooms and kitchen but don’t want to right now so I shall sloth about on teh intartoobz for a bit.

Sticky hope the sleep doc figures it all out.

Juliet hope the ear thing clears up soonest.

pullin I know you probably have a nickname but I can’t brain right now, yay for semi-retirement. I retired and wake up every mornin’ with a smile on my face knowin’ I don’t have to purty up and face the public unless I just have to go out and about.

Nava like MOOOOOOM said, if any place should be padded floor to ceilin’ it should be the MMP!

Spidey, I think my daughter and I may have a dance party to Disco Inferno once the furnace is running. We’re at the time of year when we don’t necessarily need it during the day, but it’s nice to be able to switch it on at night so we don’t wake up to a frigid house. Plus, the house is getting musty. We create extra heat by taking hot showers (adds humidity), boiling pasta (adds humidity), and venting the dryer into the house (adds humidity). But it’s usually too cold out to open the windows for fresh air because we don’t want to lose the precious heat we’ve generated, and there’s no air circulation other than some fans.

I’m gonna run that bad boy day and night for, like, 4 days straight. Get the air moving. Get the air dried out. Keep the house from freezing when we’ve only got highs in the mid-50s all weekend.

Morning all. Only 80F today and rain is in the forecast through Wednesday, but the highs for the week are only about 80F, so just maybe fall in coming to N. Ali-bama.

Not much to report, the tiling guys are here to finish up their share of the work, and then it’s jusrt a few electrical and plumbing questions and a couple of minor things and the remodel will be done…if things go as planned…

pullin. 40% retired beats 0%. Swampy and I welcome you as a partial member to the retired club.

Alien, still have the AC on, but maybe by October the great switch switch will take place.

Juliet, bad news about the sinus, good news about the furnace.

FCM, Baby Engineer can be “the Kid” or “Teen Engineer”, depending on how much he’s grown in the job.

Off to obtain sustenance.

You’re shockingly cheerful for someone up at 4:39 in the morning. I wouldn’t even be capable of written language much less good cheer. In fact, my first words when I’m almost at work are, “Extra large coffee with extra cream only, please.” LOL

**MetalMouse **- he’s actually a very good engineer, if inexperienced, therefore a bit too full of himself sometimes. But he’s 40 years younger than I am, ergo, a baby. Except the 2 newer n00bs are 42 years younger than I am.

I’m surrounded by babbies!!!

OK, lunch over. Back to work.

swampy’s one time zone away from you, so it was 5:39 when he posted, which is prime geezer wake-up time! :smiley:

One of my inkers did not show up today nor did she contact me. Strike one.